~Being the Mother of a boy, last from son up...to son down~

It's a "Boo-Bee" kinda day....

Friday, October 29, 2010

So today was our Halloween Day at work. We always have som much fun dressing up and goofing off all day...(and a little work gets done too along the way!)

That's ME on the right! I'm a "Boo-Bee"...whata da think?....cute...no?

This is the whole group with a pirate lady, Mudsa, viking women, Ellie Mae Clampet and then ME!

We ate good food like these "hacked" fingers and tons of pizza too.

We played games like dressing a Mummy with toilet paper.(my group won!!!!)

We played Putt-Putt(I won that too!!! and won an AWESOME Pumpkin Spice Better Homes & Garden Candle)

We did a little pumpkin bowling.....that's me being a big goof ball.

and I sucked at this game.....I didn't come any where close to hitting any on those stinkin pens!

Hope you all have a wonderful Halloween no matter how you are spending it!!!!!

if you were a USB cord...where would you be?

Thursday, October 28, 2010

.......not in the drawer where you belong, that's for sure!
Sooooooo...... that is why there has been a lack of pictures on my blog the past few weeks. They are all safely taking a nap in my camera cause my USB cord has grown legs and jetted off to some unknown place(and not under Kyle's bed or in his God forsaken bathroom...cause I already checked there!)
I have SO many pictures to share with you guys.
Me meeting Nicholas Sparks!
My Birthday!
And of course some muddy shots of the Bubba!
So I am off to look some more....wish me luck!

And so far in my effort looking for the USB cord I have made almost a buck in change, a silly band and some stale popcorn (it's amazing what you find while digging under the couch cushions!)

Pictures on my phone

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Bubba and his best buddie Chevy going for a ride(and yes, he will ride all the way to the river on the back of the 4 wheeler)
I took this picture at the corn maze. Kyle just HAD to ride the kiddie train...but he didn't fit in the seat very well with all those long lanky legs!

This was Kyle last week lighting some leaves and junk in an old milk jug...yes he loves fire and is probably a boarder line Pyromaniac.....no kidding!!!!

A teenage boys bathroom....

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

....should have a sign on the door that reads.


no joke! For any of you mom's of teenagers out there can vouch for me on this.
Stay clear I tell ya!

Kyle has a bathroom all his own(praise be to God!) and sometimes lets just say.... it lacks a mother's clean touch, just for the plain fact that at times I am too scared to even go in there(same thing applies to his room!)

So, I decided I would give you a quick run down of his bathroom(and there will be NO pictures, it would have broke my camera if I would have tried)

Yesterday I went in his bathroom to clean it (cause I am having a Tastefully Simple party at my house on Thursday night and thought I better tidy up in case 2 ladies happen to have to widdle at the same time AND telling Kyle to clean it consists of him letting the water run until it steam cleans the bathroom and maybe taking 2 seconds to wash the left over tooth paste spit that is stuck in the sink! ) anyhoo.....here is the list of what I found.

The hermit crab cage sitting on the side of the sink(the crab was chillin in a cool water bath in the sink....no clue how long he had been there!)
A pocket knife on the sink
His cell phone charger charging his phone laying next to the sink full of water that contains his crab...NICE way to have electronics near water Kyle!
2 old school yearbooks and 3 ATV magazines STUCK to the back toilet tank!(since he gets the bathroom so steamed up when he showers.)
His wallet
Chap stick
A black pony tail holder(that is not mine!) was on the floor behind the door. Not sure where or who he got that from.
2 pair of shorts caked in mud that he wears over & over again to ride the 4 wheeler hanging on the hook. The mud has now dried and has crumbled all to the floor.
A laundry basket right there within arms reach, yet several items of dirty clothes layed scattered all over.
And last but not least...the keys to the 4 wheeler!

I swear this boy will drive me nuts sometimes! I don't know where he gets it from. Chris & I are for the most part neat & clean people. We must have missed passing that gene down to him.

What to be, what to be?????

Monday, October 18, 2010

We always dress up where I work for Halloween and have a costume contest. So, what should I dress up as this year?

Last year I wore my comfy pj's to work.
The year before that I was Wendy.
And now I am at a loss.
I really want to dress up as a boobie......not what your thinking....get your mind out of the gutter ladies!!! I mean a "BOO-Bee" (wear a white sheet over me like a ghost and then wings and antenna on my head like a bumble bee....get it???? "Boo-Bee"
What do ya think??? Anyone have any better ideas for me?

A letter to me~

Friday, October 15, 2010

Dear Trish~

Learn how to take out a window screen before your brother locks you in your room for hours using a bike chain and no phone to call for help!

Don't wear white sweatpants to school any where close to the day you are going to get a visit from Aunt Flo!

Always read the label of any medicine BEFORE you take the wrong thing....cause when you think it cough syrup...trust me it ain't! (then you have to spend the night in the hospital while the Dr's try and decide how to counter act prescription wart remover from your digestive system!)

Don't be so mean to your brother that you make him break his toe.(It's not my fault he tried to kick me and I moved!)

Don't ever think bungee jumping looks fun and decide to give it a try cause you will almost pee your pants in fear!

Don't let a Dr. that looks younger than you try and deliver your child!

Don't make everyone rush from states away for the birth of your child....it's gonna take a while!

Always make sure you buckle your child in the carrier seat BEFORE lifting it off the ground, cause those things flip and he will fall to the floor screaming! (HUGE Mom fail moment!)

Make sure and hide a spare key to your house and car outside. That way you have a key to get back in your house when your child locks you out and then you lock him in the car with the keys while he is strapped in his car seat!! (2nd HUGE Mom fail moment!)

When you get the urge to rush out for ice cream at 9:30, fight it....you will wreck your new sports car!

Don't try and have a party with your step sister while your parents are out off town. Your neighbors will rat you out!

Don't ever go camping when there is even a slight chance of rain.

And last but not least.......

Don't ever be too busy to spend time with your family, it may be the last moment you have with them....and you'll live to regret it every day for the rest of your life.

With Much Love~
Your Older & Wiser self

Sister Wives

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Have any of you watched this show yet????

Are you kidding ME!

Can you believe this freak of a man thinks it is okay to have 3 wives and one he has proposed to?

(and for those of you who live in Utah that follow my blog and agree that this practice is "okay"....then maybe you should stop following my blog!)

Anyhoo, I watched it for the first time last night and I know I have missed a few episodes so I was trying to take all this junk in a figure out what these women see in that fruit cake of a man! Everything they said to him he took as a joke, he was never serious or sincere. His first wife he has been with for 20 years!!!!! The 2nd wife 17 years and the 3rd wife 16 years. between all the wives I think I counted 13 kids (but I could have missed one or two as they ran around amuck).....does this show scare anyone else besides me?

At one point in the show, the 3 wives go to the jewelry store to buy "the soon-to-be" 4th wife a ring....um, yep...I ain't joking!

Oh, and from what I can tell they have more than one house (with a wife in each I guess) and he makes rounds between them.

And it gets even better...wifey #3 went into labor and while Dad was trying to head out the door to the hospital to be with her while she gives birth to HIS child he stops to get all lovey on the front porch with the "soon-to-be" wifey #4....and got busted by the camera man!!!

These women must have NO respect for themselves or any understanding of what a marriage should be. I'll be dag gone if I am sharing my husband with 3 other women...this world is just going crazy!!!!!!!

Why I woggel?

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Trust me, several times in the beginning I asked myself the same question.

What is Woggeling you ask???
It is a slow mix between walking & jogging. I started about 3 weeks ago walking in the area we live.(thank God it is off the beaten path and main roads so I can spare everyone from seeing my boobs bounce sky high and my thighs rubbing together until smoke begins to rise!) The path is a little over 1.6 miles and when I started I walked the entire way. Then after a few days I would jog a bit, then slow back down to walk...then a jog...then a walk...and so on.

And as the days have passed I have gotten better & better at it...and then last night....I jogged farther than I EVER have...YAY ME! I jogged at least 3/4 of a mile!!!!

I was so excited and proud of myself I had to call The Fisherman right away and tell him what I had accomplished, except I don't think he could make out all of my words in between my pants & gasps for fresh oxygen!

Chris has always been an avid runner. I even tried it with him a few times but trying to run with him telling me when to breath and how to breath I thought I was gonna die.

"breath in on your left foot and out on your right"

well holy moses...If I tried to breath like that I would hyper ventilate and pass slam out!

But I have to admit, I am really beginning to enjoy it. I never in a million years thought those words would come out of my mouth. Before, I would never have said that I enjoyed running...unless it was running out for ice cream or something...but I do! I really enjoy it!!!

I am even thinking that I want to enter my first 5K soon. I know I won't be able to jog the entire thing but I would really love to do it, yay know, to be able to say that I finished a 5K race...I can't imagine how amazing that would feel.....and maybe I wouldn't come in last :O)

I am Thankful.....

Monday, October 11, 2010

I am thankful for a husband who doesn't complain when he has to get up on Saturday morning at 5:30am to help me with a yard sale after working all night and only getting 2 1/2 hours of sleep.

I am thankful for fresh picked apples to make a homemade pie on a Sunday after noon.

I am thankful for homemade chicken noodle soup.

I am thankful for the crisp Fall mornings.

I am thankful for a teenage son who will still hug his Dad.

I am thankful for a teen who prays out loud in church.

I am thankful for Southern Pecan coffee creamer to help me start my morning.

I am thankful for friends who I know will always be there for me no matter what.

I am thankful for a husband who calls me to make sure I arrive somewhere safely and checks my tire pressure and oil before I leave.

I am thankful for a family that prays together.

I am thankful for the few minutes of family time, because having a teenager makes them few and far between.

I am so blessed in life and have so much to be thankful for....what are you thankful for?????

The women, behind the man, behind the badge....

Monday, October 4, 2010

Sunday we went to a Family Day cook out for all the troopers that work with my husband. Since Chris has just been in his new district for only 3 months this was the first time I meet the wives of the other troopers.

Meeting them really opened my eyes and made me stand back and reflect on the past 13 years Chris has been in the patrol. Out of the 18 troopers that were attending, only 2 couples had been married longer than Chris & I.....boy, that'll make you feel old...and I am only 35! And one of the couples had only been married for 8 days.

I could not help wondering if these wives really understand what they are in for. What they were about to face, the long nights alone, the fear that their husband may not come home, all the over time(without the over time pay), working holidays, an empty place at the dinner table, anniversaries celebrated on another day because they happen to be working on the real day, having to fend for yourself when a hurricane is coming because your husband has been called to the coast to help with the evacuation, missing school plays and ball games, babies 1st steps, saying your good night over the phone instead of side by side in your bed.

I wonder if they even half way comprehend how their lives are going to change and how independent they will have to become to survive. Well, let me just tell you, it takes work...alot of it...and patience....alot of it....understanding.....alot of it. And I must confess, at times all this was hard for me. Are these new wives going to understand when they receive a call from their husband saying that he isn't going to be pulling up in the driveway at 6pm when his shift ends cause he just got called to a wreck and now has to go down to the court house to process the drunk and then head over to the hospital to get the victims statements that were taken off in the rescue squad. And will they be wide eyed and pleasant as they scramble to answer that 3am phone call with communications saying "Can I speak to Trooper so-in-so" all within the first ring, praying they picked up before it woke the kids?

Will they get chills while they watch their husband dress for work the same way I do, even after 13 years? And will their hearts breathe a sigh of relief when they are awakened by the sound of the Velcro being pulled apart on his bullet proof vest at 4am? Thanking God for that wonderful sound that means he has made it home.

Will they learn to hold fast to the simple things that mean so much? And how long will it take them to become the women, behind the man, behind the badge?