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Skin Cancer SUCKS!!!!

Friday, September 23, 2011

and hurts like heck too!
Yep, I went to the dermatologist a few weeks ago for a nasty spot that was in the middle of my back. It started out as a really raw spot and then just would not heal(or so I thought). It has been there for a year and we have been watching it close. It never got better and never went away so I broke down and made an appointment.
Too make a long story short it was cancer and I had it removed yesterday and let me just say....OUCHY!
Chris was allowed in the room with me to "watch" and he said "Babe they took a hunk out of your back!" ....geez thanks!
The Dr. took out a piece of MY meat that was as long and thick as my pinkie finger and a little wider!!!
Now I am all stitched up a sore as crap...they put 6 stitches on the inside that will dissolve and did a running stitch on the outside that I will have removed in 10 days.
So now that I have sworn off tanning beds forever I am looking for a good spray tan place...and hopefully I won't come out looking like an Umpa Lumpa!!!