~Being the Mother of a boy, last from son up...to son down~

Yes I am still here.....

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

And will return after the holidays with plenty of stories and pictures for you guys. Sorry for being AWOL for the past few weeks...just busy busy busy this time of year.

Hope you all have a VERY merry Christmas...see ya in 2011 girls!!!!

...now I gotta run and pull two lanky legs out from under my tree....hugs!!!!!

I think there is a mouse under my tree....

Monday, December 6, 2010

A 14 year old, 113 pound, 5 foot 6 blond headed one!!!!

Ever since I put the gifts out under the tree he has stay camped out there...and for the rare occasion he does venture off to eat something (like every 20 mins) and I stick another present under there he is on it like flies on crap!

I swear,I will have to get a picture for you guys, you would crack up when all you saw was 2 long lanky legs sticking out from under that huge 12ft tree...it's a trip!

He is shaken and tossing and reading names (the ones without his name are quickly and carelessly tossed to the side!)....heaven forbid there are any breakables under there!

He is so keen on the wrapping thing now, it has become hard to camouflage gifts(he can pick out a box with clothes or shoes in a milla second!)....so that leaves ole Santa to be creative....and boy can I be creative........ you just wait and see........


So, do any of your little ones snoop around the tree?????

on the road again....

Friday, December 3, 2010

Tonight I am loading back up on the bus and heading to New York City with some girlfriends. I am really excited this time. This will be my 5th time going to NYC but I have never seen it during Christmas. I can't hardly wait to see the tree in Rockefeller Plaza.....oh....and we have tickets to see The Rockettes Christmas Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall!!!!!!!

See you ladies on Monday(if I don't freeze my kawhokus off in NYC!)

"Big Mama" and the Bubba Tree

Thursday, December 2, 2010

well, it's over and done...THANK YOU JESUS!

Our annual tree raising(yes, raising...you don't call it "putting up a tree" when the tree in question is 12 ft!) is complete.....whew.....

Here is Chris in action. It takes all three of us plus 2 huge ladders and 3 hours of prayer and patience to finish......


when she is all done she is just beautiful......see!(sorry the picture is kinda leaning...oops...I was so tired!)
This year Kyle didn't want to make her "too junkie" according to his words and forced me to stop adding more ornaments...geez...like when did he become all Martha Stewart on me!

This was our 5th year using this tree and I think we are finally getting the hang of it and doing it faster each year. Even Chris said he thought it was easier than he remembered.

Now, on to the "Bubba Tree" a.k.a Kyle's personal tree that he puts up in his room every year...and decorates himself**shutter**. You never know exactly what he will put on his tree as "ornaments"
Take a look and you'll see what I mean....

Empty shot gun shells he saved from hunting, John Deere Tractors and fishing lures make his tree complete. Told ya he is one redneck boy!

...I think we have decided once Christmas is over we are just gonna throw a huge sheet over Big Mama and leave her there til next Christmas...ya think anyone would notice?????