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just beachy

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Well HELLO!!!!! Did you think you would never get to see pictures of our "cut short" beach vacation? I don't have many pictures. We really just enjoyed laying there and breathing(nothing that required too much energy, which included holding a camera in an upright position and pushing a small button!)
......just in case you are wondering about this crazy picture of me Kyle snapped it while we were planning a few rounds of cornhole.
My silly boys sportin the "rally visors"

playing a few rounds of corn hole which dinner cooks on the grill....oh, and let em just say...I suck at this game....BIG TIME! Most of the bags I tossed didn't even come close to that stupid board!!!

....I don't have a clue???????

Kyle found a Ray that had washed a shore......man he was STINKY!!!!!

My cute little Beach Boy!

Me lookin a "hot mess" with The Fisherman

Told ya I didn't take many pictures this time. I took a few with my phone but my phone is giving me tons of problems and doesn't feel the need to let me email them. But if you follow me on FB you can see them.....see that benefits of following my boring life on fb...cool huh?


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What in the world is crunch-n-munch you ask???
Well, let me go ahead and tell you that it is not that tasty little popcorn snack you think it is.....nope.....that is what we call Kyle when he starts to go on another one of his eating spree's.
Let me just give you the low down on what this 13 year old boy ate AFTER supper last night.

keep in mind we ate supper at 7:30 last night and he ate roast beef(about 1/2 a cow), a ton of rice and gravy, corn and an entire cucumber with ranch dressing.

Before Chris and I went to bed I baked chocolate chip cookies. Well. since Kyle was starving and just could not wait for them to get done he ate 2 Popsicles..... Then ate 8 cookies and 2 glasses of milk.

Then Chris and I headed off to bed around 10. When I got up this morning I found Kyles eating trail that was left behind.

Chips & Salsa(dirty bowl found in sink, no leftover chips to be found)
Ritz cracker empty package(found on coffee table next to 2 empty slice cheese wrappers)
evidence of 2 Reece's wrappers and 2 chocolate chip granola bar wrappers found on the top of the trash can.

And I didn't go in his room this morning, so I am sure there maybe more that I didn't stumble across in there.

But you know what the worse part of all this is? I bet that big stinker didn't even gain 1 pound after eating all that junk!!! I just ate 5 of the cookies and I feel like I gained 10 pounds and everything jiggles when I walk!!!!

everyroom needs a splash of color.....

Wednesday, June 23, 2010



So now the decision must be made as to WHAT color...

This is where I need your help. I want to paint our master bedroom. I promise to take before and after pictures if you guys promise to help me pick a color.

Here are my thoughts on a few colors(keep in mind the carpet is a neutral tan so I really could use any color in the rainbow)

Choice # 1

Wall color-Tiffany & Co. Blue(ya know like the little blue jewelry box)

accent in chocolate brown & muted gold(throw pillows & accessories)

Choice # 2

Wall color - Sage Green

accent in chocolate & cream

Choice #3

Wall color - Dark chocolate brown

accent in white and turquoise

Choice #4

Wall color- Cobalt blue

accent white & pale yellow or gold

(I was going to add paint swatches to this post so you guys could really see the colors but it wanted to give me and attitude so I had to nix that & move on.)

So what do you all think???? hmmmmmmm????

I need feedback or any other color ideas you guys might have....really I am open to anything...I have a blank canvas and you guys get to be my inspiration!

(side note....Chris has not a care in the world what color I use....honest.......his theory is, his eyes are closed most the time while he is there anyway!) unless I painted polka dots on the wall, he might not be too happy with that but he would get use to it over time!

on a lighter note!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

After the heart wrenching and tragic previous post, I had to share a bit of good news with all of you............... so without further ado........

{{shake it , shake it....now turn in a circle...and jump up and down!!!}}

And it will be effective on Monday June 28th....JUST A FEW DAYS AWAY!!! And then the hubs will be back home for at least the next 2 years!

But I have to be honest. These past 9 months have not been the easiest to deal with. It has been very hard not having him around. He missed Thanksgiving and all of Kyle's ball season...but summer is officially here and Chris will be home to share it with us.....oh and now that he has to report on Monday the 28th...SO we no longer get to go on our beach vaca......dang it all to heck!

Oh well, I will gladly give up my beach vacation to have my man home again!!!!

Judge Ye not...for you shall be judged

I received some terrible news Sunday that a friend of mine from high school had lost her 5 month old baby girl in a tragic accident.
My friend, left her 5 month old in a hot car for several hours. The baby was later found by a neighbor and rushed to the hospital where she was later pronounced dead.
She is a single mom with 4 kids. Was she preoccupied? Was she on her cell phone? Did she have her mind on what to make for dinner? Or maybe she was just tired. Not that any of these reasons make what took place okay or forgivable but as most of us are moms we can also understand some of the daily stress and chaos that goes on.
My heart breaks for her loss and I can not begin to imagine how she must feel right now. All I can do is pray that the Lord will give her and her children peace and comfort during this time.
So many people have posted such terrible things about her. They don't know her or her children. They can only judge, speculate and assume(and you know what that say about that don't ya?)
In this world we are so quick to place blame and point fingers with our "holier than thou" attitude. We sit back in our happy lives and say "how could she?" "she's a murderer!" "how do you forget your own child" when in reality, it could happen to any of us... anytime... any day.

My boys are back....

Monday, June 21, 2010

yep, I am one HAPPY HAPPY lady!!! Both my boys are back home (for now) and boy does my house sure look like it. I swear they come in and just start laying stuff down...it's like picking up bread crumbs from Hansel & Gretel!
Anyway, we had such a busy weekend. I taught VBS at our church Friday night and all day Saturday while Chris drove to meet my parents half way and pick up bubba. Then he brought Kyle home, I loved and covered him with hugs & kisses then Chris & I headed back out the door to drive 2.5 hours one way to get his patrol car and made it back home Sat. night around 11pm...whew!
We started Father's Day off with homemade chocolate chip Belgian waffles with whip cream(homemade by ME!)...what is that look for?????....yes, I can cook....dang you people!
Then we headed off to church, came home for a quick lunch and then the boys took off to the river on the 4 wheeler and I headed off to the grocery to pick up stuff for our Father's Day dinner (wings, fresh corn on the cob, loaded baked potatoes and deviled eggs).......oh great, there's that look again......YES I CAN COOK!
I hope all of you had a great Father's Day weekend.
Oh, and I am counting down the days until Friday at noon so Me & My Boys can head to the beach for a long and much needed family vaca!!!!!! This maybe the only time Chris will be off so I am gonna make the most off it and get the heck out of town!

~Flashback Friday~

Friday, June 18, 2010

Happy Friday peeps!
Can you tell I am missing my Bubba this week? I can't wait to get my hands on him Saturday and squeeze him to pieces!!
I know this is a tad blurry but I took a picture of a picture...and well you get the idea.....anyway, this is Kyle when he was about 8 and he caught this huge fish. I love the expression on his face!!!
Anyway, Chris came home last night so I have one of my boys back with me...thank goodness he was home cause we had some major chaos in our house at 3:30 this morning(if you follow me on facebook you already know about our little visitor)...anyway more on that story later.
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!!!!

Craziness times 4

Thursday, June 17, 2010

AJ, Tyler, Rylee Bug and Kyle

I just talked to my mom in Kentucky(where Kyle is right now, yep he's the goober with the sun visor upside down!) and she is watching 4 out of her 9 grandkids for the day...one of which is my Kyle. This is a pictures she just sent me. It was the mere 3 seconds they stopped running around. I think we need to have a moment of prayer for her cause this group here is enough to make the Pope lose his religion....thank God they are cute other wise heads would roll!

Have a great day Mimi and enjoy your time with the "grandhoodlums"


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Finally I have some pictures to show you(thanks Mom) I still can't get my off my phone so these will have to due for now. They are a tad fuzzy but you can at least see our little guys first trip to the beach....he was SO excited and could not wait to get there and build a sand castle!
Dad takes him out into the ocean for the first time...and he never let go of his hand!!!!

Scott & Ty playing in the sand while Kyle heads out on his boogie board to catch some waves.

Tyler really loved watching the waves!

and I am sure this boy here looks familiar?????

Ty decides he wants to try out the boogie board as long as NO ONE lets go!!!!!

Kyle teaches Ty how to feed crackers to the seagulls....oh and just to let you know who was the lucky one to get pooped on.....ME....dang those beach birds!!!!!

are you guys still out there????

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I know, I know...where the heck have you been Trish? I can hear you guys fussing all the way here in North Carolina.
I promise I am still around. I am just having a few technical difficulties getting all the pictures I took from the beach off my phone and down loaded to this stinkin computer....don't you hate things that are smarter than you!!!!!! And most the time have have my 13 year old electronic genius at my beckon call, but right now he is in Kentucky so I am having to try and work this out solo...and let me just say...I SUCK...which could be the same reason my coffee pots continues to blink 12:00 24 hours a day!
So, give me a few more days and maybe I can have this contraption all worked out. I have tried everything from emailing them to myself so I can open the attachment and download the picture that way but the email keeps coming back and saying delivery failed....grrrrrrrr!!!!!
On another note, I have been alone in the house since Thursday morning and I am about to go NUTS! My house is so clean you could eat off my floors. All the laundry is done...heck...I even cleaned out the fridge and I even cleaned Kyle's room!!!! I just don't know how to function with out my boys around to make and mess and drive me insane. Chris & Kyle will both be home Friday and I can hardly wait to see them both!

see ya soon!

Monday, June 7, 2010

okay so I had to drop in and tell you ladies that I will not be around to blog until at least the weekend. My Mom, Step Dad, brother & nephew are on the way to my house all the way from Kentucky.....


My little nephew has never seen the ocean or seen his foot prints in the sand so I can't wait to rush this little guy to the coast and see the expression on his face the moment he sees the waves!

I am so overly excited! I have been getting the house in order, cleaning and grocery shopping(which has been very hard to keep Kyle from eating everything before they get here!.... I swear that boy can store food like a camel stores water!)

I have not seen my mom since Christmas and my brother and nephew have never been to NC to see me. So, with that said we have so much to do and a short time to do it. Here is my VERY busy agenda for the next few days.


Quick dinner, then ballgame at 6:30. tehn head home to do laundry and get Chris packed and ready to head back out.


Family arrives around 5pm.

Down time with family and catching up and enjoy the huge dinner I am going to prepare!


6:00am everyone up and getting ready to be at the school no later that 7:45 to get a good seat.

8:30am Kyle graduates from Middle School

10:30 Quick graduation party at the house before Chris has to head back out to work.

11:00 Grab lunch(Kyle's pick)

1:00pm Head to the beach

5:00 home for dinner and pack all Kyle's bags(yes he will be heading back to KY with them and I will alone ALL by myself for 13 days!!!!!!)


The family will be leaving to head back to Kentucky with my Bubba in tow while I get to cleaning up the house and enjoy may after noon of piece and quiet.


Heading to the beach with my good friend for the day.

Then have an Anniversary dinner to attend that night.

Whew, I am give out just typing all this stuff. I promise I will take lots of pictures to post so you all can see them.

Hope you all have a great week....see ya Saturday(ish)

why I blog?

Friday, June 4, 2010

I guess I started in 2009 under the pressure of a friend. ****who now no longer blogs...DANG HER!******She had a blog and begged me and finally convinced me that I to needed one.

Anyway, when I began this blog I never imagined it would turn out to become what it has. You guys have become my outlet, my vice and at times my addiction(hey it could be worse, huh?). You ladies have become my cheer leaders, support system and giggles. I have followed some of you for a while and I feel like I know your children, pets, husbands and even your menstrual cycles...I know!...CRAZINESS I tell ya.....this place is like my crack, I just can't get enough sometimes. You guys make me laugh on down days when I needed it and have welcomed Me & My Boys with open arms into your homes, cars and offices...and I guess your bathrooms if you read blogs from there........


....don't look at me like you've never done it!......

So, I wanted to take the time to thank all of you out there for following Me & My Boys on our adventures. I know my blog maybe boring at times. I don't blog about art or fashion I am not a SAHM with a keen eye for photography......I am just me......a full time mother with a full time job, trying & struggling through the years with a teenager who types it all out for you to read, misspelled words and all (yes, sometimes I forget to use spell check) . I wish I could have a huge party and invite all of you here to NC so I could meet all of you in person....but I am pretty sure Mr. Fisherman would freak!

So instead, I will just say you ladies are the best and I thank you from the bottom of my tee tiny little heart!!!!!!

Thanks for sticking around with me. Hang on tight, there will always be more to come!

(p.s Mr. Fisherman thinks I am nuts for blogging. He just doesn't get it....yea....he's weird like that!)

another conversation with Kyle.....

Thursday, June 3, 2010

So it's that time again to grace you ladies with another conversation I had with Kyle. This one took place last night as we sat watching the life of Johnny Cash on the Biography channel. Did any of you watch this? It was a great program. It should live footage of his performances and interviews with past manager & band members and....oh crap, never mind. Back to Kyle.

Anyway, it was showing Johnny Cash performing a song called "Ira...something or another" I forget the guys last name. But it was a song he had written about a Native American how fought in the war and how he helped raise the American flag but you never here about his heroism in the history books. So the live footage panned out to the audience and there were about 20 or so Indians that had come to see Johnny play. They were dressed in full Native American attire with feather headdress and war paint on their faces. Then as the camera zoomed on for a close up of one of the Indians you could see a women sitting in the row behind him and that's when it happened.....that's when Kyle said this....

Kyle: "look a Pilgrim!"

Me: "a what?"

Kyle: " a pilgrim. did you see her?"

Me: at this point I couldn't say anything I was laughing so hard tears had formed in my eyes!

Kyle: "what's so funny about a Pilgrim?"
by now, Kyle is getting impatient with me laughing

Me: "that wasn't a Pilgrim Kyle!"

Kyle: "yes it was too!"

Me: "No is wasn't!"

Kyle: "well then what was it?"
(using his Mr. Smarty Pants tone)

Me: "A NUN!"

I guess he really thought that the Indians had brought the pilgrims to the show with them. After that, it took me about 20 minutes to explain to Kyle what a Nun was and what they did but I still don't think he was convinced....he still thought it was a pilgrim!

And to think this poor boy will be starting High School in the fall. God help us all!

Semi Wordless Wednesday

Wednesday, June 2, 2010




yes my son put that nasty lake water in his mouth.......GAG!

Weekend Recap~

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

So did everyone have a wonderful holiday weekend?
I sure did!!
Sorry there will be no pictures from our Memorial Day festivities cause I forgot my camera(not once...but twice!)...yes, I know...I SUCK!
Saturday morning Kyle & I headed to the beach to spend the day with all my girlfriends hanging out at the condo laying by the pool & the beach. We laughed, talked and sipped wine with strawberries. It was so nice to just lounge and relax while Kyle went with the guys out to fish in the sound.
Sunday we headed to church and then cleaned up around the house and prepared for our boat outing on Monday.
Yesterday morning, Chris strolled in at about 2:30AM. Slept for a few hours and then (being the wonderful husband he is) loaded up the boat and we headed out to the water. It was just the 3 of us(plus Chevy). We sunned, tubed, ate, fished and swam......oh and just in case your wondering, I have finally realized that I am getting too old to tube...especially when Kyle is driving the boat!