~Being the Mother of a boy, last from son up...to son down~

How bout we don't make this a family tradition.....

Monday, November 30, 2009

This year was NOT the perfect Thanksgiving.....never in my life have I not spend Thanksgiving around the family table. Kyle and I hit the road early Thursday morning to go and have Thanksgiving dinner with Chris before he had to go into work.

Chris had already checked around town to see who all was going to be open on Thanksgiving......McDonald's, BoJangles and Golden Corral....hmmmmmmmm....I'll take Golden Corral. So we get to the hotel pck up Chris and head off to the Golden Corral right down the street. To my surprise the parking lot was packed!!!! I would have never thought there would be so many people who didn't cook at home on Thanksgiving......SHOCKER! Also to my surprise the buffet was $10.99 per person and that did bot included $1.85 for your drink....so after paying $42.00 for our meal we wandered around to try and find a seat....the entire time my heart breaking to the fact that this is not the way a family should be spending the holiday.

I could tell that Chris was not dealing with the whole "dinner out" thing by the expression on his face. People were constantly bumping into you, trying to squeeze past your table and Chris spend half the time eating his dinner with some old mans butt in his face!!!!!

As we left, I told both of them that I sure hope we don't make this a family tradtion!!! I could have made a huge Thanksgiving dinner and had TONS of left overs for $42.00. But at least we were all together and were able to see each other and that's what matters most!!!

After dinner Kyle and I got back on the road and headed home...cause you know I had to get in bed early to rest up for my Black Friday shopping....cause I hear that
2:50am comes mighty early in the morning :O)

I could barely get any sleep. I spend the entire night planning and plotting where I needed to head first. After much thought, Target was going to be our first stop. They opened at 5am so I would need to be in line by 4am...yep....4am!!!! We got there a few minutes after 4 and hopped in line to wait. I can't tell ya all the awesome deals I got cause sneaky eyes may stalk my blog and I don't want to spoil any Christmas morning surprises!!!! But I can say, for those of you who decided not to get your turkey filled bellies out of bed...you missed out!!!!

I spend Saturday wrapping presents and most of yesterday putting out my Christmas decorations.....now once Chris gets home he can tackle putting up my 12ft tree!!!!

Now, I will leave you with another funny Kyle story.

This one he made yesterday while setting out our nativity scene on the coffee table.

"hmmm....Baby Jesus was Made In China"

....stated by him complete with Chinease accent!!!!

Counting down the days until......

Monday, November 23, 2009

....nope not til Thanksgiving....but BLACK FRIDAY!!!!!!!

that's right....I LOVE LOVE LOVE Black Friday shopping!!!!

I am one of those crazy women that wake up at 3am on Friday and rush out the door to be at the store at 4am. Yes, I am sure are sitting back thinking "what in the world is worth getting up that early in the morning for?" Well, let me tell ya. I love to get bargains! Last year I racked up on DVD's for $2-$3 each for Kyle. Marked down from $19.99. Then I got 3 PS2 games for $19.99 each. Marked down from $39.99!!!!


Next came the Guitar Hero World Tour for $99.00.


Not to mention all the great deals I got on clothes and the free Belk gift card to the 250 people in the door....which of course I was!!!

I am not sure were I get this fettish from. My Mom was never a Black Friday shopper nor my Granny but, I will not miss it! To me, it is a really fun day...early and long...but fun. Last year we even vallet parked at the mall on Black Friday. And let me tell you, it is the way to go!!!! It was the best $10 we spent ALL day and I will doing it again this year. They park your car and when you get done shopping you just wait at the curb with all your packages and they go get it the car for you and pull it right up to the curb...AWESOME!!!!!

This year, I have several items on my "Mission List" some things for Kyle, well most for Kyle..some for Chris and one for Mom. I just love getting more for my money and seeing how far I can strech my budget....yes, I do have a budget...DUH!?!

So yes, bright and early on Thanksgiving morning you will not find me bent over a hot stove slaving away with Tom turkey....instead, I will be scanning the Black Friday ads drinking my coffee and planning my shopping.....so who's with me???????

~ I Am Thankful~

Monday, November 16, 2009

With Thanksgiving around the corner it has brought to mind just how many wonderful things I have in my life to be thankful for.

~A wonderful marriage~

~For the saftey God has placed over Chris during his career~

~A very HYPER, redneck son that sometime remembers his manners, but always makes me laugh~

~A home to lay my head each night..even thou it comes complete with a mortagage~

~A family that has put up with me all these years despite by stubborn ways~

~Totally awesome friends that would be by my side a moments notice if needed~

~That Chris and I both have jobs..even thou his has taken him 3 hrs away from us~

~That my family will all be together for Christmas~

~Memories made with my Grandparents~

~For a Mom who didn't kill me when I told her I was engaged to someone after knowing him only 4 months.~

~For a wonderful God who loves me and that I believe laughs at me daily!~

There are many more things I have to be thankful for in my life...these are only a few. I hope each of you will take time out to also count your blessings so you don't take them forgranted!

Scream like a girl....and then RUN!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

We have had a TON of rain here the past 2 days in the Carolina's...it has been a gully washer to say the least! We have a creek that runs through our property and it is Kyle's weekly job to keep the beaver dams torn down...cause those are some busy little beavers let me tell you! Everytime Kyle goes to demolish their latest "project" he comes back with a list of things he found in the dam. You will not believe how crafty those little boogers are! They have used one of Kyle's arrows for his bow, his minnow bucket and rope...and what ever else they can find that Kyle has left down by the creek. I swear it is like thaey are little Pecaso's or something with the things they weave in the dam!!!! Chris told him to make sure he brings the shovel and rake back each time he goes down there because the beavers would have a hay day working those in on the dam :O)

Anyway, back on track to my story....so when Kyle gets home it was raining way to hard for him to go down and bust up the dam, but the water from the creek is slowly creeping up in the yard. So when Chris gets home about 8 that night it was to dark to go down and still pouring the rain. So Chris gets the spot light and goes out to our back porch that is covered by the way, to shine the light and see just how far the water had come up.

While he is out there I am watching him from the comfort of our nice warm couch :O)
As he turns to walk back toward the door I see him jumping up and down with legs and arms flinging around like some crazy person. The entire time wondering what in the world is his problem????? It was like he was high stepping in slow motion.....with the spot light in one hand and his Rockette Lady high kicks he finally makes it to the door. He flings the door open while still in the middle of his "high kick chorus line routine" complete with "what the.....ahhhh Lord.....AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" when I see something fly through the air and land with a smack on the hardwood floor in the livingroom. I jump off the couch to see a snake has now landed in the livingroom!!!! I swear Chris's feet never touched the floor after that! He took off running and left me alone with it!!!! He said he had gone to get something to get it out of the house...but I don't believe that for a second...cause when he came back he still didn't have anything in his hands and had to kill the snake with MY pink flip flop which by the way was already out on the back porch!

So there you have it....my husband ran in fear from a snake, screamed "like a girl" and then killed it "like a girl"......complete with a pink flip flop!!!!!

My hero!!!!!!!

Another Give Away!!!!

Friday, November 6, 2009

I have come up with a brilliant idea....yea....I tend to have alot of those....but anywho here is my latest one.

I am leaving for NYC tonight and I will be one of MANY screaming fans standing along the fence freezing my mid-size butt off Saturday morning at the Today Show.

So what is the game you ask?

Your job is to pick me out of the crowd of many!!!!! Then post a comment and either tell me what I am wearing OR what I scream out to the camera!

I am sure you are thinking to yourself "well what if she doesn't make it on camera?"......well if you knew me, there would be no question in your mind as to weather or not I would get on. I am not afraid to act like a fool to get a camera pointed in my direction for fame. When I went this past April I made it on camera for almost 10 seconds...pretty sure thats a record!!!!!

I will take all the CORRECT answers and draw out a winner. And the best part is the winner will receive a Starbuck Gift card...WOO HOO!!!!! I will need that after I stand out there and freeze!

So take a GOOD LOOOOOOOOOONG stare at my picture....just not too close...mmmmkay!

Then turn on the Today Show at 8 am EST Saturday morning!!!!

Good luck!!!!

I'll be waving at ya.....promise!

PS....Mom & Teresa...you can't play...cause that wouldn't be fair :O)

Top 10 Thursday!!!!!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Time for Top 10 Thursday again....man this thing keeps coming back around doesn't it????? Since I am heading off to the Big Apple (aka New York City) this weekend I thought I would give you guys a quick list of things I hope to see, do or buy while I'm there.

1. Buy a new Coach, Prada or some other awesome designer purse!

2. Be on TV during the Today Show!!!!

3. Knock a few gifts off my Christmas list.

4. See Lady Liberty again...she my favorite!

5. Go in FAO Swartz toy store...and maybe buy some gifts for some kidlets.

6. Stroll into Tiffany's just to take a gander at one of those cute little "Blue Boxes".....aahhhhhhhhh

7. Get some good deals in China Town

8. Eat some real New York style cheesecake....YUMMMY!!!!

9. Go ice skating in Rockefeller Plaza

And last but not least...........

10. Maybe see someone famous strolling down the streets...other than Sponge Bob and Elmo....cause I saw them last time.

I will update you next week on how many of these items I was able to accomplish...hopefully ALL OF THEM!!!!

Whew....that would be a looooooooong.......daaaaaaaaayyyyy!!!!!

My Christmas Wish List

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Isn't this just the cutest little watch you have ever seen???? And I need a new one too...my battery is dead in mine....what you say???? a battery is a whole lot cheaper......I know, but this won has a bettter "cute factor"

LOVE LOVE LOVE this new perfume at Victoria Secret...smells very YUMMY!!!!

Maybe I can find this little cutie right here in New York this weekend!!!!

Coach Ring....NICE......Size 7 please.....

I know some of these items are a little pricey...but it's my list and I can put what ever I want on it...right?......RIGHT!!!!! Some of these things I will never get or be able to afford...but a girl can always dream can't she??? I think so!!!!

So if I can't have any of the above items I will just take.....

Having Chris home for Christmas!!!!!


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Are we scary looking or what???? Sorry about my boys having the "deer in head lights" look. I guess they have hunting on the brain...hehehe!!!!!

And if your wondering what the "green junk" is on the side of my face...... it says #1 Mom

Me & Chirs

Monday, November 2, 2009

Here is a neat little thing I came across so I tought I would share it with all of you. I know I tell you guys a great deal about me at times but very little about the both of us.....so here ya go. I hope you guys find it entertaining!!!

Questions about Me & Chris.....

1. What are your middle names?

Mine is Lynn (after my Uncle's middle name Robin Lynn) and his is Jay..don't where his Mom got it..I never asked...sorry!

2. How long have you been together?

Well, lets see....we met August 1, 1994 and were married August 12,1995 and today is Novemeber 2, 2009...you do the math....I SUCK at math!!

3. How long did you know eachother beofre you started dating?

This is a trick question cause we met at a stop light while we were both on vacation and have been together ever since. So I guess I would say a few hours maybe.....Lord that sounds horrible doesn't it!!!!!

4. Did you go to the same school?


5. Are you from the same home town?

You guys must not have paid attention to question #3!!!!!

6. Who's the smartest?

Oh boy I love this question!!!! I would really have to say it depends on the subject. I would tend to say me under most circumstances but then again I would even know where to begin to change the oil or a tire or pull the boat on a trailer. And when it comes to putting something together I just look at the picturesa nd Chris waste all his time ready each step...but then again I aleays wind up with extra pieces left over from some odd reason!

7. Who is most sensitive?

ME! I win that one hands down. But I have to say that Chris is getting a big ole soft spot in his old age.

8. Who has the worst temper?

For those of you that know me there is no need for me to answer this question.....

9. Who does the cooking?

Me, with Chris wacky hours we would all starve to death before. But he does do all the cooking on the grill.

10. Who is the most stubborn?

See answer in question #8

11. Who wakes up earlier?

Me...unless Chris is going fishing or hunting. Or if you count getting off work at 4 am getting up earlier then he wins.

12 Are either of you neat freaks?

That would be both of us excluding Kyle's areas of the house and the weight room(leave that door closed!). Very rarely is my house "out of order". We both agree that everything has it place.

13. Who is more jealous?

Neither. If you have a long distance releationship that factor is out the door. Trust is #1

14. Who eats more?

Kyle!!! oh wait...this was between Chris & I ...sorry...I pick Chris then :O)
He may be thin but don't let him full ya!

15. How long did it take for your relationship to get serious?

I really think we both knew from day one that we were meant to be together.

16. Who does the laundry?

Me...Chris knows taht no matter how high the pile gets...NO TOUCHY!

17. Who's better with a computer?

depends on if you mean working with one or yelling at one. Chris loathes his work computer...it's posessed!!!

18. Who drives when you are together?

Are you serious...you try driving with a State Trooper as a co-piolet..NAH UH!

19. What is "Your Song" ?

"Keeper of the stars" by Tracy Lawerence

So there you have it. I hope I have answered some of your questions. Please leave me a comment if you want to know any more tidbits of info on us! But pretty much we are just boring ordinary people!