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How bout we don't make this a family tradition.....

Monday, November 30, 2009

This year was NOT the perfect Thanksgiving.....never in my life have I not spend Thanksgiving around the family table. Kyle and I hit the road early Thursday morning to go and have Thanksgiving dinner with Chris before he had to go into work.

Chris had already checked around town to see who all was going to be open on Thanksgiving......McDonald's, BoJangles and Golden Corral....hmmmmmmmm....I'll take Golden Corral. So we get to the hotel pck up Chris and head off to the Golden Corral right down the street. To my surprise the parking lot was packed!!!! I would have never thought there would be so many people who didn't cook at home on Thanksgiving......SHOCKER! Also to my surprise the buffet was $10.99 per person and that did bot included $1.85 for your drink....so after paying $42.00 for our meal we wandered around to try and find a seat....the entire time my heart breaking to the fact that this is not the way a family should be spending the holiday.

I could tell that Chris was not dealing with the whole "dinner out" thing by the expression on his face. People were constantly bumping into you, trying to squeeze past your table and Chris spend half the time eating his dinner with some old mans butt in his face!!!!!

As we left, I told both of them that I sure hope we don't make this a family tradtion!!! I could have made a huge Thanksgiving dinner and had TONS of left overs for $42.00. But at least we were all together and were able to see each other and that's what matters most!!!

After dinner Kyle and I got back on the road and headed home...cause you know I had to get in bed early to rest up for my Black Friday shopping....cause I hear that
2:50am comes mighty early in the morning :O)

I could barely get any sleep. I spend the entire night planning and plotting where I needed to head first. After much thought, Target was going to be our first stop. They opened at 5am so I would need to be in line by 4am...yep....4am!!!! We got there a few minutes after 4 and hopped in line to wait. I can't tell ya all the awesome deals I got cause sneaky eyes may stalk my blog and I don't want to spoil any Christmas morning surprises!!!! But I can say, for those of you who decided not to get your turkey filled bellies out of bed...you missed out!!!!

I spend Saturday wrapping presents and most of yesterday putting out my Christmas decorations.....now once Chris gets home he can tackle putting up my 12ft tree!!!!

Now, I will leave you with another funny Kyle story.

This one he made yesterday while setting out our nativity scene on the coffee table.

"hmmm....Baby Jesus was Made In China"

....stated by him complete with Chinease accent!!!!


E @ Scottsville said...

Baby Jesus made in China huh? Ha ha ha Cute!

I'm sorry your Thanksgiving was less than perfect, yet you're right - at least you were all together!!! Next year you'll appreciate a good Thanksgiving all the more!!! =0)

Cathy said...

So sorry your Thanksgiving wasn't all you wanted, but like you said at least you were together! I did not do the Black Friday early morning thing. I guess I'm one of those with the "turkey filled belly"! lol No really, I've only gotten up early like that one time for Black Friday. I have to say, I'd rather do without or pay full price than to fight those mobs! Actually we did go out and shop some later in the day, but no middle of the night stuff. Glad you go so many good deals!!!

Jenna said...

Wow I'm suprised that many people go out to eat on THanksgiving! My baby Jesus was made in China too...haha

Kristi said...

So sorry it wasn't your traditional thanksgiving. We spent ours with the in laws and my parents and sister ate out as well. We are making my mom cook this weekend so we can pretend its thanksgiving with my side. You can always make a big dinner when the hubby gets home and "pretend" haha! At least you were together!!

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