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Top 10 Thursday!!!!!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Time for Top 10 Thursday again....man this thing keeps coming back around doesn't it????? Since I am heading off to the Big Apple (aka New York City) this weekend I thought I would give you guys a quick list of things I hope to see, do or buy while I'm there.

1. Buy a new Coach, Prada or some other awesome designer purse!

2. Be on TV during the Today Show!!!!

3. Knock a few gifts off my Christmas list.

4. See Lady Liberty again...she my favorite!

5. Go in FAO Swartz toy store...and maybe buy some gifts for some kidlets.

6. Stroll into Tiffany's just to take a gander at one of those cute little "Blue Boxes".....aahhhhhhhhh

7. Get some good deals in China Town

8. Eat some real New York style cheesecake....YUMMMY!!!!

9. Go ice skating in Rockefeller Plaza

And last but not least...........

10. Maybe see someone famous strolling down the streets...other than Sponge Bob and Elmo....cause I saw them last time.

I will update you next week on how many of these items I was able to accomplish...hopefully ALL OF THEM!!!!

Whew....that would be a looooooooong.......daaaaaaaaayyyyy!!!!!


TCKK said...

Hey, Why don't you take some pictures while you're there and post them for us. I've never been to NYC and would love to see some pictures.

Hope you get to do your whole list. Have fun!

E @ Scottsville said...

Have fun!!!!! And while you're out there, pick up a gorgeous purse for me too! Thanks!


Your dearest and bestest bloggy gal pal in the whole wide world (isn't that what the www.stands for?) ha ha ha

Tamela said...

Hey you forgot to add get something for my fellow KY Gal!! Have a great time!

Meagan said...

Have fun lady!

Jenna said...

Yay! Have fun and I would totally stare at the little blue boxes with you!

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