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Hey...My Names Trish....

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Oh ladies, do you guys still remember me????
I know several of you follow me on fb but for the rest of you...yes, I am still around...some days more saine than others....
Things have been pretty much the norm around here lately, nothing extra special to tell you.
Bubba is still driving and getting better with each month.....8 months of driving with his permit and Chris not killing him...I say we are doing GREAT! We have him a white Chevy pick up ready and waiting at his Nana & Papas house til July 27th(the day he turns 16) It has always been the truck of his dreams since he was just a toddler pushing hotwheels around on the carpet. But alas, we have to keep it at the grandparents, you don't take me for an idiot do ya...leave a 15 year old boy home alone with a set of wheels like that calling his name from the drive way????

.....I THINK NOT!!!!!!......
we already busted his hind parts for taking a spin around on the ole' 4 wheeler this past summer when Chris and I were both at work. MAJOR NO...NO...in the Owens household.
In 4 short months he will behind the wheel unattended and I will be on a high doses of the most current nerve pill!

If you do follow me on fb you know that I have started selling Initials Inc. and I LOVE IT!!! If you have never heard of it, stop now and log on to the website. They have the CUTEST purse, tote, beach bags and baby items....and the best part...ALL personalization is FREE!!!!! So, if you see something you like just email me and I will get it ordered and shipped out to you in a jiffy! meandmyboyz@hotmail.com
or you can earn your stuff for free by hosting your own catalog show. I will mail you a few catalogs, you pass them around to your friends and coworkers and you earn free product of your choice!

I also have so many project I want to do around the house. We have not even been in the house 6 years and I have already repainted the Master Bedroom, Kyle's room and now just a few weeks ago the laundry room. No I am currently in search of a new color for the front door...any suggestions????