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Another Give Away!!!!

Friday, November 6, 2009

I have come up with a brilliant idea....yea....I tend to have alot of those....but anywho here is my latest one.

I am leaving for NYC tonight and I will be one of MANY screaming fans standing along the fence freezing my mid-size butt off Saturday morning at the Today Show.

So what is the game you ask?

Your job is to pick me out of the crowd of many!!!!! Then post a comment and either tell me what I am wearing OR what I scream out to the camera!

I am sure you are thinking to yourself "well what if she doesn't make it on camera?"......well if you knew me, there would be no question in your mind as to weather or not I would get on. I am not afraid to act like a fool to get a camera pointed in my direction for fame. When I went this past April I made it on camera for almost 10 seconds...pretty sure thats a record!!!!!

I will take all the CORRECT answers and draw out a winner. And the best part is the winner will receive a Starbuck Gift card...WOO HOO!!!!! I will need that after I stand out there and freeze!

So take a GOOD LOOOOOOOOOONG stare at my picture....just not too close...mmmmkay!

Then turn on the Today Show at 8 am EST Saturday morning!!!!

Good luck!!!!

I'll be waving at ya.....promise!

PS....Mom & Teresa...you can't play...cause that wouldn't be fair :O)


TCKK said...

Oh man! I want to play but I'll be on the road by then heading up to Amish country.

Have fun on your trip!

E @ Scottsville said...

So wait.... do they have the TODAY show on Saturdays? I didn't think they did. So maybe you posted this last night... but it says FRIDAY on the header. I'm so confused. Anyway, I probably already missed you on air this morning. Bummer.

E @ Scottsville said...

Okay, so I watched it!!!! And I couldn't find you. I DVR'd it, so I rewound and slowed down, and still couldn't find ya. Were you on there????

E @ Scottsville said...

Did you DVR it??? Tell me WHERE or how many minutes/seconds etc, so I can see it. I didn't delete so that if in case I missed you, I could go back and go "HHHH, THERE SHE IS!"

Just Add Walter said...

awww.. I missed this!! boo!! I would have loved to have played!!

Kim said...

FUN!! I hope you got on TV! And New York, I want to go so bad! Hope you took pictures!

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