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~Kyle Christmas List~

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I thought I would share Kyle's ever growing, very expensive and sooooo far over the top Christmas list for this year.

Some of the items on the list will be filled, while others will be left to hopefully be forgotten....good thinking...huh????

1. Dirt Bike- Not a chance!!!! He already has a Honda Rancher 350 and my theory is, he only has one skinny little butt, thus he can only ride one :O)

2. Labtop computer - STRIKE 2!!! He hardly ever puts his phone down as it is. If we were to get him a computer we would NEVER see his cute smiling face!

3. Nitro R/C Remote truck - have you guys seeen these things??? The are powered by gas and nitrous and go 55mph!!!! For those of you who know Kyle can you imagine him with this much speed in the palms of his hands....I THINK NOT!!!!!

4. A kitten - Chris and I both are not big cat people...nuff said

5. Clothes - now your talking!

6. DVD movies - yep...I can work with this

7. Playstation Games(Madden 2010) - more resonable....

8. Phiten Torando Necklace - He got one 2 yrs ago for his birthday...have no clue where it is now...but that doesn't matter cause he is currently wearing 3 that belong to Morgan(the Girlfriend)...yep....and there ALL pink...????????

9. .22 gauge shotgun - thought about this one...thought came and went in about 3 seconds......

10. Blackberry phone - STRIKE 3...your OUT!!!!! I don't see him EVER having a phone nicer than mine...unless he is paying the bill.

So there you have people...the Christmas list of a 13 year old boy...what ever happened to all those Christmas mornings with a livingroom full of trucks, cars, power wheels, John Deere tractors, talking Barney, Elmo and other fun toys????? I guess they are now just Christmas memories that will forever be tucked away in my heart.


Jules said...

I know the feeling. My kids did the same thing as they got older. Now that they are grown and out of the house, paying their own bills, they understand a bit more about money...

E @ Scottsville said...

Camerons ONLY thing on his wishlist is a laptop. That's it. That's all he dreams of, talks about, wants, and cares to get. SOOOO guess what Cam's gonna get. *sigh*

Becky said...

I know! My 16 yo wants an Ipod that is $295. It will be a very boring Christmas when you only have one gift to open ya know!

Cathy said...

We haven't even got a list yet. Who knows what they'll ask for. Although my oldest said something about art supplies. But that can get pricey too.

I understand about the laptop too. My girls get off the phone at the appointed time and then want to run straight to the computer. Oh well, it does make for a quieter house! lol

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

I have to admit- seeing this list sorta scares me for the future. I best skimp on Christmas now and start saving, huh?

Jenna said...

Haha what great list! Hey, a guy can dream can't he..hehe

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