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Santa's give slam out!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

....whew...I don't know about you but I am give out. All the rushing, shopping, wrapping, baking is taking it's toll on me. Here is a quick run down of what I have been up to and what is still yet to come....

This past weekend:

Sat-cleaned house and cooked for my Ornament exchange with all the girls.

Sun- Sunday school, then church, then Christmas shopping with Kyle for the girlfriends present...that is enough to scare anyone to death. NOTE TO SELF- don't ever, ever, ever take 2 teenagers Christmas shopping in the rain again. Yep, I took Kyle and his girlfriends best freind(yep, you read it right...she said she just had to go to give a 2nd opinion on the gift he was gonna get). I think things would have went much smoother if I would have a had a double stroller to keep both of them contained in one place! Then rush back to church for Christmas play practice.....then back out to Walmart to shop for the childs name we picked off the angel tree.....by this point my legs were wobbly. my hair flat to my head and my stomach growling!!!!!!

Mon- Chris gets home. Pick Kyle up at 6:30 from the basketball game. Rush home to make supper and get Chris's laundry all washed up.

Tues- stop at the store after work then rush home, throw a ham in the oven for supper then get one more load of laundry done for Chris, make over 100 oreo balls....I think I gained 10lbs just rolling those little suckers in chocolate!


Wed- try and get my hair done and make 2 eyebrows instead of 1

Thurs- pencil in time to breath...subject to change without notice!

Friday- dress rehearsal at the chruch for the Christmas play, then pizza party and Christmas caroling.

Sat- Head to Raleigh to finish up last minute shopping

Sun- Christmas play at church and then covered dish lunch afterwards.

So....what the heck have all you guys been up to????????


Becky said...

Goodnes gracious!! You HAVE been running ALL Over the place!

You need you sit down and eat some of those oreo balls and just enjoy the holidays:)

Tamela said...

I think your energizer bunny is about to run out!

Oreo balls sound amazing!!! I need the recipe!

Kristi said...

Sounds like you are bored!!! Get up and do something and quit being so lazy!!

I also agree we need a recipe and pictures for oreo balls!! Yeah I know I am weird I hate recipes with out pictures of what the end result will be!

Cathy said...

Wow girl, I just got up and you've made me tired all ready! lol

I hope next week you get to slow down some and that you have a great Christmas!

E @ Scottsville said...

Okay, just reading it all made me tired!!! I'm run ragged too. Tonight Riley has a belt-testing in Karate at the same time as Cameron has a band concert. Therefore I have to attend one and miss the other.

Then afterwards, I have to go home and make hamburger cupcakes (my blog will explain tomorrow) for Cam's birthday party tomorrow evening when we'll be taking a bunch of little boys ICE SKATING. Woo hoo!

Then Saturday I have a multi-family photoshoot that's sure to last a few hours. Oh boy oh boy!

Now, I really want you to go back and read my Memory Lane post from yesterday. I wanted you to see and enjoy it, too. =0)

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