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Top 10 Thursday!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

For todays Top 10 I thought I would revert back to my childhood Christmas's and reflect on my favorite "Santa" gifts....

1. Baby Skates - This little doll was awesome. I think I sat on the floor for hours watching her skate around.

2. Barbie McDonald's - I loved Barbie and this was the icing on the cake for me. It came complete with booths for her to sit in and even trays to serve the food on....now how cool is that!

3. My Little Pony castle - I grew up in Kentucky and none of our horses lived in castles but My Little Pony did!

4. My China doll - this was a gift from my Granny...I adored her!!! She was just the most beautiful thing I had ever seen....until I sat her down in the driveway to straigten her balnket and then all the sudden....BANG!...her he busted.....then I ran screaming into the house with tons of tears...I don't think I have ever been the same since then.

5. My kitten - yep, a real one! When I was younger I loved cats....ALOT has changed since then....I can't stand them now! Anyway, it was Christmas Eve and my Dad always had to work 1/2 a day so when he got home they told me to come sit down in the livingroom and close my eyes...of course I did...cause I LOVE suprises...and then I felt something warm & fuzzy on my legs....it was a KITTEN!!!! I named him CC for (curious cat) and he lived up to his name and later died in a not so pleasant dryer accident.

6. Boom Box- Any of you guys remember BEGGING for one of these baby's back in the
80's??? I thought I was way cool with my HUGE boom box and Tina Turner, Debbie Gibson and Janet Jackson tapes.....yep cassette tapes....good grief!!!

7. Guess Jeans - yep...the acid washed ones with the big red upside down triangle on the back pocket...would that my right butt cheek look just wonderful now???? I THINK NOT!

8. Cabbage Patch Kids - I received my first Cabbage Patch for my birthday. The second one, a preemie boy I got for Christmas. And I still remember his name...
Simon Lebon...strange huh?

9. Smurfette - Loved the Smurfs growing up. So one Christmas morning I had a Smurfette doll sticking her cute little head out of the top of my stocking!

10. Barbie Condo- Does anyone remember this one? It was a 3 story cardboard condo complete with drawstring elevator!!!! It was the coolest thing ever! Barbie now had a home!!!!!

So those are just a few of my all time favorite Christmas gift from "back in the day" hope you enjoyed it!


Jenna said...

Thanks for thinking of me yesterday!!! I'm feeling much better knowing that lots of ppl out there are thinking about me! I totally had a barbie dream house with he draw string elevator!! We played with that thing for hours at a time!! I also loved my cabbage patch dolls. I had the redhead girl and the blond headed little boy. They were some of the first ones to come out...I also liked the cabbage patch that you had to open their birth certificates to find out if it was a boy or a girl...do you remember those??

Tamela said...

I loved the smurfs too and my little pony. I have a VHS with half its cover missing of my little pony!

Kris said...

aw my little pony.... I want one now! haha

Cathy said...

Fun memories!

mandy said...

OMG... I loved guess jeans haha and cabbage patch kids! I dont think i could wear them jeans agian if they looked the same way they did back then haha.

Miti said...

Great list! It brought back some memories. I was a big Smurfs fan too. Barbies was my thing. I was all the time playing with my Barbies.

dan and jen said...

oh....the dryer! traumatic

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