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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

.....yep, I think Ole' Santa must have me down for coal & switches.....

...cause there sure aren't any presents under the tree with my name on them...


But have no fear. The hubs is going shopping for me today...YIPEEE! I must say he is a mighty brave soul to venture out to shop this close to Christmas...and not to mention that he has the patience of a gnat.

So wish him luck ladies.

Cause Momma needs a new pair of shoes...hot pink New Balance to be exact!!!!!


Kristi said...

Good luck to him!!! I wish I could say I was finished! We are venturing out this evening! Hope you get lots of goodies!

Jenna said...

ooh I'm hoping you get the Hot pink New balances so you can post of picture of them..they sound super cute

Cathy said...

My hubby has done mine, but I haven't done his! Yikes I get to go today. So good luck to your hubby and me! lol

E @ Scottsville said...

No "hubby" shopping for me this year. No presents under the tree for me either though. So I guess it kinda stinks!

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