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Monday, December 7, 2009

Ahhhhhhh......sweet VICTORY!!!!!!!!

I am sure most of you out in blog land have no idea what I am talking about, so I will tell ya.....

Final Score
Kentucky 68
North Carolina 66

{{see me do my happy dance}}

{{{shake, shake}}}}

That's right folks.....Saturday at my house was let's just say....ummmmmm...a little on the loud side (and it was not due to putting up and decorating a 12 foot Christmas tree)

Ya see, the Hub's is a die hard Tar Heel fan...and well me......I was born in the great "Bluegrass State" of Kentucky. So come basketball season we each have our own cheering stations to say the least. Well, I cheer...he yells! The entire game was ruled by the Wildcats. They didn't miss a beat...unlike the Tarheels..they missed everything...including the basket. :O)

So, now I am here today to bask in the glory of his pity party and rub a little salt in his wounds...hehehe.....all while listening to my Wildcats roar!!!!!!!

Just wait until Final Four time...it will just get worse around the Owens house...say tuned...this won't be a pretty season!

GO CATS!!!!!!!


E @ Scottsville said...

ha ha ha, you go girl!!! Hey, at least you're the one happy.... at least we're not having to cheer you up!

Congrats! =0)

Cathy said...

You are too funny!

Meagan said...

haha! So fun!!

Tamela said...

Yay Wildcats!! I grew up watching them play and they will always be my team. KY girl for sure!

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