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Owens 2009 year in review

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Janurary 2009 brought a very rare snow fall to the East coast of North Carolina that put things around here at a stand still for a few days. We made snow cream and Kyle & Chevy played in it well into the night!

In February, Chris was released by the Dr. to go back and work the road after being out to recover from surgery to replace his torn ACL....VERY happy day!!!

Nothing major happened in March execpt that we got our tax return check back...BooYah!!!!

In April, I headed off to see the Big Apple for the first time and fell in love with this place! This picture of Kyle & I was taken at Ground Zero...oh and we headed back for another trip in June and November.....you guys see a pattern starting to develope here????? Yea, me too!

I really don't have any major things that happened in May but I am sure my boys fished cause well...if they are awake and Chris doesn't have to work, they fish!

In June, Kyle and I drove the 9 1/2 hour drive home to Kentucky for a visit with my family. We had a wonderful time and look forward to another trip back in June 2010!

July- was a bitter sweet month in the Owens household...Kyle was welcomed into the
teenage world as he turned 13..he was thrilled...Chris & I...not so much. Kyle also accepted Christ into his heart while away at church camp.

August- Chris & I celebrated 14 years of marriage...yippeeee! Kyle started 8th grade and North Carolina had a major heat wave!

September- I celebrated my 34th birthday with all my girl friends cause Chris had to work. But he suprisedme the day before and had his mom come and decorate the house and cook us a wonderful me...thanks babe, your the BEST!

October- was pretty calm for us. I was in charge of putting together the Harvest Festival for our church and Chris turned 37.

November- brought Chris's promotion to Sgt. with the Highway Patrol and a new new duty sation that would take him over 2 hours away from us. It was hard to let it all sink in but we new that it was the best thing for our family in the long run. We put our trust & faith in God and had him organized with a hotel to call his new home, stripes sewn on his uniforms(thanks Teresa!)all his shirts pressed complete with all the extra heavy starch they could hold and with a goodie bag of snacks a hug & tear he was out to hit the road.

December- brought a wonderful Christmas spent with family and new netbook that we now all adore...thanks Santa!!!

Ihope 2010 brings wonerful things to each of you. Be safe, kind, patient and make each day a memory.

See ya in 2010~


Kristi said...

Sounds like a good year. Hope you and your family have fun ringing in the new your tonight!! I am hoping to make it to the ball dropping!

Kris said...

Great recap! Have a great year!!!!!

Cathy said...

Wonderful year in pictures. Loved hearing all about your year since I've just met you in the last few months.
Happy New Year!

Jenna said...

Ok so men in uniforms are hott!! I'm so glad I found your blog this year too! You're so fun!

I think it's so awesome that this year your son accepted Christ!!
I also want to know where you got those fun drinks in that photo!! They look deliciously fun!!

Happy New Year!!

Kim said...

I love March-ish time, those tax returns really make the month seem so much better! And I'm so jealous that you went to NY not just once but three times! I've never been and want to go so bad! Happy Anniversary and Birthday! My husband spent half the year working out of town on the weekdays, so I feel your pain. It's hard! I hope 2010 is fabulous for you and your family!

Meagan said...

What a wonderful year! Your tree is so gorgeous!!!

And I'm so excited that your son accepted Christ into his heart. That tops everything else!!

MissJody said...

Your pictures are very nice**
Very beautiful family you have.
I'm jealous of the boat though...just a little..

Blessed Beyond said...

Wonderful review!!!!

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