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another conversation with Kyle.....

Thursday, June 3, 2010

So it's that time again to grace you ladies with another conversation I had with Kyle. This one took place last night as we sat watching the life of Johnny Cash on the Biography channel. Did any of you watch this? It was a great program. It should live footage of his performances and interviews with past manager & band members and....oh crap, never mind. Back to Kyle.

Anyway, it was showing Johnny Cash performing a song called "Ira...something or another" I forget the guys last name. But it was a song he had written about a Native American how fought in the war and how he helped raise the American flag but you never here about his heroism in the history books. So the live footage panned out to the audience and there were about 20 or so Indians that had come to see Johnny play. They were dressed in full Native American attire with feather headdress and war paint on their faces. Then as the camera zoomed on for a close up of one of the Indians you could see a women sitting in the row behind him and that's when it happened.....that's when Kyle said this....

Kyle: "look a Pilgrim!"

Me: "a what?"

Kyle: " a pilgrim. did you see her?"

Me: at this point I couldn't say anything I was laughing so hard tears had formed in my eyes!

Kyle: "what's so funny about a Pilgrim?"
by now, Kyle is getting impatient with me laughing

Me: "that wasn't a Pilgrim Kyle!"

Kyle: "yes it was too!"

Me: "No is wasn't!"

Kyle: "well then what was it?"
(using his Mr. Smarty Pants tone)

Me: "A NUN!"

I guess he really thought that the Indians had brought the pilgrims to the show with them. After that, it took me about 20 minutes to explain to Kyle what a Nun was and what they did but I still don't think he was convinced....he still thought it was a pilgrim!

And to think this poor boy will be starting High School in the fall. God help us all!


Mary said...

LOL that's hilarious!

Jenna said...

oh my gosh I just laughed until I cried!! This is so funny!!!!

Bridget said...

OMGosh!! Hilarious!!

scrapwordsmom said...

That Indians name is Ira Hayes. You can read his story in the book or watch the movie by Clint Eastwood called "Flags of our Fathers". Both are great!!

LOL, Kyle!! I be he loves his Mamma sharing all his "Kyleisms" here with us:)

Have a great day, Trish!!!!!

Tara said...

LOL that is so funny!! Thank Kyle for us for the laughs! I know you spend half of your time cracking up over the things he says.

Cathy said...

Too funny! Maybe he needs to watch some episodes of "The Flying Nun".

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

okay, that was HILARIOUS!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my, Mimi can't wait to see this cracker-jack! Cracked me up!

Angie said...

HAAAAAAA!!!! That is to cute and hilarious all at once!!! I'd tell you something my son said but i'll have to email you it. Not exactly PG and the poor kid had NO CLUE what he was saying!!

MollyinMinn said...

That is great! I actually giggled out loud here at my desk.

Heather @ Sugar N Spice Mostly Nice said...

bwhahaha!!!! That is LOL funny!

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