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Wednesday, June 23, 2010



So now the decision must be made as to WHAT color...

This is where I need your help. I want to paint our master bedroom. I promise to take before and after pictures if you guys promise to help me pick a color.

Here are my thoughts on a few colors(keep in mind the carpet is a neutral tan so I really could use any color in the rainbow)

Choice # 1

Wall color-Tiffany & Co. Blue(ya know like the little blue jewelry box)

accent in chocolate brown & muted gold(throw pillows & accessories)

Choice # 2

Wall color - Sage Green

accent in chocolate & cream

Choice #3

Wall color - Dark chocolate brown

accent in white and turquoise

Choice #4

Wall color- Cobalt blue

accent white & pale yellow or gold

(I was going to add paint swatches to this post so you guys could really see the colors but it wanted to give me and attitude so I had to nix that & move on.)

So what do you all think???? hmmmmmmm????

I need feedback or any other color ideas you guys might have....really I am open to anything...I have a blank canvas and you guys get to be my inspiration!

(side note....Chris has not a care in the world what color I use....honest.......his theory is, his eyes are closed most the time while he is there anyway!) unless I painted polka dots on the wall, he might not be too happy with that but he would get use to it over time!


Angie said...

Oooooohhhh!!!! Ok scratch what I said the other day about the tiffany blue (although who doesn't love that color right?) I pick #3!!!! Ummmm that is the FIRST #3 ;) HAAAAAA!!!

Southern Reflections said...

I love #1!!! :-D

Bridget said...

They all sound pretty, but I like #1 the bestest :D

Kristi said...

I like number one!! I am all about blue right now and I really like the brown with it!

Tara said...

#1...those are the colors in our master bedroom and bath. They all sound lovely though!

Tamela said...

This is hard! I really like the way #2 sounds, but # 3 sounds pretty too. Though I am leaning towards # 2 more.

Brooke said...


scrapwordsmom said...

Number 3 for sure!!! That sounds simply divine to me!!! All my fave colors:)

Meg said...

Go with #1!!! That sounds gorgeous.

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

I am #1 & 4 I think. I am terrible at this too!

Miss Jody said...

Okay- first...HI!!!!!!!
I missed you!!!

Okay I like #4 and then again....#2 sounds nice too...
Your so cute-your always up to something!

Carla R. said...

Ok, here is the decorater in me popping out. What makes you happy? #1 would remind more of a beachy kind of feel. #2 speaks earth and outdoor tones. #3 perhaps more of a modern or somewhat contemporary palate...i am not sure without seeing the actual colors. #4 Could lean more towards formal, again, i would have to see the colors. So, in my opinion, I think you should pick whatever one makes you "feel" good or relaxed. Hope I helped! Hey, thanks for being a follower on my blog!

Heather @ Sugar N Spice Mostly Nice said...

2 would be my safe pick, but 3 would be my gutsy choice. Either way they are great choices!

Tamela said...

ugh you are keeping us in suspense!!! AND ITS KILLING ME!! HAHA

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