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"Sooooo....how ya been?"

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Hey girls!!!! I bet you thought I had fallen in the deep dark black hole and would never be heard of again.......no such luck....that's like seeing a camel using a pay phone...it aint ever gonna happen!

soooo.....how ya been???

Things here have been good, just relaxing and waiting for that warm
spring weather to come and stay.

I bet you guys are wondering if Kyle passed Spanish...well, yes he did!!!! With a D non the less but he passed. He actually stayed after the final exam was over and asked the teacher to grade it while he waited :O) And you'll never guess what he has in Enlish so far this semester.....how bout a 97%.......at least there is hope for one lanaguage folks!

I have been working on redoing Kyles room little by little. Time for a "Bog Boy Bed" hahaha. Nothing like trying to fit a 5'10, 14 year old, long legged teen age boy in a twin bed.....kinda looks like a freak of nature ya know? So I was given an old headboard from a friend which I painted. Another friend gave me an almost new matterss set and I bought him a dresser from a yard sale yesterday which I painted to match his headboard. He picked out a really nice Columbia brand comforter that already matched his wall color(thank GOD) so there was no painting needed there. I would post some pictures but alas, they are still being held hostage with Nicholas Sparks in my camera....some day I am gonna get around to getting a new USB cord I guess.

Well, I promise not to stay gone for too long this time. I will never catch up on everyones Blogsbut I hope you you are all well......be back soon!!!!!


Mary said...

Heeeey! Welcome back! glad to hear things are going well. Except for the lost USB cord. :)

I hope you have a great day darlin

Bridget said...

Hey girl, been missin' you!! Congrats to Kyle for passing Spanish and can't wait to see the pictueres of his room.

Have a great week!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

I'm so very happy you are back! i've missed you my dear!!!!!!

Jules said...

Good to have you back. I miss hearing about your adventures with Kyle...

Anonymous said...

Well, it's about time missy!!! I had gotten hooked on your wisdom and witisms. Glad to see ya back in print. As always, luv ya!!

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