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At what point did I blink?

Friday, April 22, 2011

Well, the time is almost here...in less that 2 weeks my Bubba will start Drivers Ed (some stupid driving class the school system requires here in NC). You have a certain number of hours in class and then road driving time as well. Which for Kyle is a waist of time because Chris has already told him once the class is over to forget everything he was told because he was going to teach him the "right" way (boy the advantages of having your father be a Sargent of the Highway Patrol!).....POOR Kyle! I hate driving with him in the car and I've been married to him for almost 16 years! It's always laws, and speed, and blind spots and safe following distance and blah...blah ....blah.......
So, as Kyle begins this phase of his life, I can't help but let my mind wonder back and try to piece everything back together and see exactly when it was that I blinked and missed my baby boy growing up. When did my 7lb 15oz, 19 inch long, dark headed perfect baby boy become a 5 foot 9 inch, lean blond headed mouthy teenager? Who in no way shape of form should be half way old enough and ready to get behing the wheel of a car.....REALLY!!!! Oh, Lord I can't breathe..........
These are the times in life where you have to find the humor in it all so you don't break down into that blubbering idiot Mom phase, complete with runny snot and all!
Some of my close friends are just having babies and some have young toddlers and I feel as though I am at a total different phase in life trying to survive the ever feared teenage years. I hope someday I will have words of wisdom for them as they reach this time whith their own children....but the truth is, non of have any wisdom when it comes to raising children. No matter what anyone tells you or warns you about, it simply something you learn on your own through trial and error...and yes there will be plaenty of times when you will fail and then say to your self "well that sure as heck didn't work out like I thought but it didn't kill him either"...and let me just say I have more than a few of those conversations with myself!
I could stomp my foot and grab him around the neck, dig my heels in and hold on tight but the truth is....it wouldn't help.....he would still start to drive......and ....he would still grow up.
So, as our house begins this adventure please keep us in your prayers cause I am a firm believer that God has a sense of humor and that is something that I am really gonna need to get through it all!


Tamela said...

Driver's ed already!!! Crazy! Can't wait hear the stories!

Bridget said...

Driver's Ed = blog fodder ;)

Yes, I totally understand! I have a mouthy teenager and today he's in rare form. When reminded that I have five or six teenage years left, I escaped to read blogs :P Works better than counting to ten LOL!

jules said...

Oh boy...here you go. I was scared to death when my son got his license. I just did a lot of praying...

Becky said...

Very Well Said :)

This whole mother thing is quite a journey...sigh.

How the heck IS he 5'9...Oh my gosh! And driving soon. I will be the one that is the blubberring snot mom. Okay, I am. Double sigh.

Good Job mama. You're doing good.

Anonymous said...

Hehe.... remembering when.... whew!! Glad mine are over.... I think!? Like Becky said above,
"Good Job Momma". Mom is proud of you!!

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