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Is your dog missing????????????????

Friday, April 1, 2011

Cause if it is...it's a pretty safe bet that it was hanging out behind our house with every other dog in the world last night! All of you are very aware of how Redneck Kyle is...right??? Right! Anyway, Kyle has a second favorite past time besides riding his 4 wheeler in the mud...(since his 4 wheeler is up on blocks with a tire off waiting for a few broken parts to come in the mail) he had to resort to this 2nd favorite past time. What is this past time you ask??? Setting out trapping cages to trap animals....now,before all you PETA loving animal fanatics go all postal and hatin on my blog let me finish. We live on a river that is over taken by beavers and when I saw beavers, I mean an entire family....like 100 generations or something (too hear Chris tell it anway) No, seriously...there are alot of them and they build dams that back up the river which makes the river rise up in our back yard. Plus it keeps the water from running and it become stagnate....and you know what loves stagnate standing water????? Mosquito's!!!!! Chris and Kyle bust up the beaver dams at least 3 times a week! No kidding...those little furry boogers can haul log I tell ya. And they will put anything they can in the dams....buckets, toy ships, John Deere toys left outside....ANYTHING! Anyway, back to the cages. Kyle loves to set and bait them food(which most of the time Chevy goes back and steals) to see what kinda critters he can catch. Which he always just takes a picture of his catch and then turns them free....thank you very much! Well, we were awakened last night to dogs barking way out in the wood behind our house. At first we thought they were barking at all the beavers that were busy at working building another master piece. But then they just kept on barking. Chris decided to go check things out and see what all this fuss was about. So he grabs the spot light beside the bed(see I told ya we are redneck, we have a spot light plugged in beside our bed that is bright enough to land a commercial plane with!) A few minuets later he comes back and said the dogs we all around the cage barking at a possum that had fell for Kyle's trap.....and they wouldn't go away! They all just all layed down around it like they were gonna keep watch over it all night! No joke! Crap like this only happens around my house, right! Chris gets the shotgun and heads back outside. I didn't know what he was gonna do...shoot the possum or shoot around the dogs to scare them off our what! He was gone for what seemed like hours and when he finally came back in he said they dogs we finally all gone but he left the possum in the cage cause he was WAY too pissed off to be let loose right now and would probably turn on him when he opened the cage. He then made some smart tail comment under his breath about how he should go in and wake Kyle up and make him get the possum out of the gage, and how Kyle always sleeps so soundly through all these things....... Oh, and guess where Chevy was through all this ruckus????? Dead asleep on his warm bed in the garage!!!!!!! He is just as bad as Kyle!!!!!


Tamela said...

hahahaha I bet that opossum was freaking out! I can only imagine how that scene looked! Looks like Chevy and Kyle could sleep through a tornado!

Bridget said...


Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

I need, NEED, to come there and see this in action. Need.

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