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Thursday, June 30, 2011

WOW! I haven't been on Blogger for over 2 months....holy mother of pearl!
I am sure most of you thought I was dead or put in prison, held captive by Kyle for not adhering to his feeding schedule...or better yet basking on a beach somewhere with a fruity drink in hand....I vote for the last one!
Nope...none of the above....
However, we did go on vacation to the beach for a week and it was absolutely wonderful! I did nothing but lay buy the pool, then the beach, then the pool then....well you get the picture...
Anyhow, Kyle has finished his first year of high school and even though he barely passed Spanish by 1% point they have decided to let him move onto the 10th grade. And get this....they are even placing him in Honors English {{crickets chirp}}
I know, right...It AMAZED me too! Not that I don't think I have the smartest kid in the world like all the other moms, but less face the facts here.
1. He is 27 days shy of being 15 and still uses the word weren't several times a day.
2. If something is Beast or Nasty...that's a "good" thing.
3. He still loses his train of thought 2 words into a sentence if he sees something with dual exhaust or mud tires.
4. And spends 99% of his time looking where he has been instead of where he is going.

Which leads me to the next BIG thing that has been going on around our house......Driver's Ed!!!
He has already completed 30 hours of "class instructional time" and for the past 2 days he has been knocking out the 8 hours of "behind the wheel" training (and I use the word "knocking out" for a reason)
On the first day of driving, he called me during the break only to tell me that he had already run over a squirrel and a bird!!!! No joke, I can't make this crap up! So lets just say he is going to have to drive alot with his Dad before I get in the car with him behind the wheel. I mean, how many kids have actually killed an animal the first day of Driver's Ed....much less two! I'm not sure if he was driving, or hunting!!!!!
But none the less, he got his certificate and so now we just sit and wait for July 27th to roll around so we can head to the DMV to get his permit....and all the while, all I can think about is straining my brain trying to remember back to the last time I held him in my arms as a toddler and put him down where his feet touched the floor not even realizing that it was the last time I would ever hold him.
If I knew then what I know now, I would have had the best photographer in town there at that exact moment to snap a shot so I would have it to look back on for the rest of my life. But instead, I just have it tucked away in my heart and think about it every time I look at him growing up.


Mary said...

Hey!! Well I am glad you're not in prison. Sounds like it's been a fun adventure with Kyle!

Have a great day Trish! I've missed you and your blog :)

Tamela said...

Yay!! So glad to hear from you!!! I remember when I started driving after I got my permit. My dad used to tell everyone he was terrified... lol But to this day I still have a perfect driving record!

Bridget said...

Yes, you have been missed! WOW, his first day sounds like mine...sort of...there was a squirrel involved, but it ran out in front of the car and I slammed on the brakes and squealed the tires...not a happy driver's ed instructor...

My Kyle turns 14 in two weeks and is BUGGING me to get him the pamphlet so he can take the test to get his permit...Lord have mercy...

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

well. You are back! Yippeee! I weren't so excited I weren't gonna pee!

Tara said...

Glad to know you are actually alive and that Kyle made it through Spanish AND driver's ed. The last few sentences had me holding back a few tears...I never want to really know when I pick up and put my children down for the last time. Way too emotional to think on that.

jules said...

I've been waiting to hear from you. I love reliving my son's life through your Kyle.

Hope to hear from you again soon.

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