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Brain dumpage!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

I have several things running around in my brain lately so I thought I would drop a few to make room for more...

School starts back in a week and I so am not ready for all this..... early to bed, pack lunch, picky teachers, fuss, do home work, yell, do projects, check homework, more home work, do you have a ride home, stomp feet, no you can't wear that shirt with a Rebel flag to school, eyes roll, early to rise...and repeat!!!!

Celebrated my 16 year wedding anniversary last week and it seems like I just married him yesterday...and I almost have him trained just how I want him :O)

Hate all the things kids post on face book, the cuss words, girls pictures with those shorty butt showin shorts on, flippin off the camera...geez...and you want your parents to treat you like an adult...ummmm NO!

Sick of people sending me friend request on FB that I don't even know...just cause your a friend of a friends Aunt on her Daddy's side 2nd cousin to Grandma Bertha don't feel the need to friend me cause it's gonna be a BIG FAT ignore!

I still need to find more jeans for Kyle....KILL ME NOW!

So stoked about my new oil rubbed bronze kitchen faucet I won on ebay last week. Although my boys think it doesn't match the kitchen but then again what do they know about style & fashion...NOTHING cause they still ask me if their clothes match on Sunday mornings for church!

I am so ready for Fall I can almost taste it!

Kyle driving is going to cause me to age 100 times faster than I already was.

Bringing to mind my next thought...my hair really needs to be done due to all my gray showing.

Wine always taste better when you are drinking it on your back porch while on the phone with your BFF who is hundreds of miles away and she is drinking hers on her back porch but the conversation is just like you are sitting side by side at the same table.

Kyle let Chevy in the house and he scratched my hardwood all to heck and back again...although he still denies it with every breath he takes...and last I checked Chevy doesn't have thumbs, therefore he didn't open the door and let his self in!

thanks for listening!!!!


Bridget said...

This is the first week back for the kids, and I am exhausted!

Good luck finding jeans for Kyle. Hope he enjoys school this year.

jules said...

That is so true about FB! I am not out to hold the record for how many "friends" I have on there....

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