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10 silly things I do

Friday, July 23, 2010

1. I always start by drying my hair upside down.
2. I have to sleep on the right side of the bed(even if it is the side next to the door).
3. When I do laundry(which I try not to do often) I always wash darks first, whites, then towels, then sheets.
4. I have to have my bedroom door closed at night when I go to bed.
5. I get dressed before I do my hair & make-up.
6. All my purses are arranged by color and lined up on shelves in my closet.
7. I have to sit on the left side of the couch when I watch TV. If Chris or Kyle are already there then I make them move!
8. I can't walk around in sock feet. I can't stand to feel the socks rub on the floor, especially on carpet...ugh!!!!
9. I always sit in the same seat at church every Sunday(I think alot of people do this....right?)
10. I can't sit with my feet on the floor.(I either have to have on leg tucked up under my butt, or have them propped up on the coffee table, or sit Indian style on the couch, even while I sit at my desk at work they are propped up on a ledge that extends out from under my desk.

So what silly or crazy things do you have a habit of doing?????


Tara said...

From your list, 3 & 4 but my 3 is a different order. Whites first and then darks.

Bridget said...

BAHAHAHA! I'm going to have to do a post like this, it's fun...I'm the same on number 10, but I think it's because my feet don't REACH the floor... :)

Mary said...

Ha those are great! I have to say I do a lot of the same ones. Like the sitting in church, sitting on the couch, sock (I hate socks!).

Have a great weekend!

Blessed Beyond said...

How fun!!!! Love the list! May have to do one for me!

scrapwordsmom said...

Love your list, Trish!! I HAVE TO be on the left side, too!!! I make my family move-he he!!!

I cannot go barefoot!!!!! EVER!

Carla R. said...

I have to sleep on the side away from the door. It doesn't matter if it is left or right. That way, if a burgler comes, they will get Phillip 1st! Mean aren't I? I will make a list on my blog...www.thecrickabaughclan.blogspot.com.

Cathy said...

I sleep on the right side no matter what too.
Door's closed at night.
I sit in the same place too on Sundays (the piano bench) haha

Becky said...

I am number 10. Yes I am. :p

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

What? you sound perfectly normal to me...if that means anything...!!

Kristi said...

That is a cute list!! I am opposite about getting ready. I have to have makeup on and hair done before I get dressed. I am so routine about so many things too! I am weird about my shower routine.....wash hair, condition, shave, wash, rinse. I do it everytime...one time I started with the wrong thing and totally forgot to shave my armpits! LOL we are all crazy!!!

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