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Chicken or the egg????

Friday, July 16, 2010

People have debated this age old questions since the dawn of time. But last night as I sat and watched the evening news I heard this statement.

"Scientist have cracked the code on which came first, the chicken or the egg."

And yes folks, that made the evening news headlines...go figure???

The news caster went on to say how scientist have been researching this questions for the past two years and finally came to the conclusion that indeed the CHICKEN came before the egg!


you mean to tell me that some stupid scientist has waisted 2 years of his life to try figure this out? What a hoot!

I could have saved them a lot of trouble. If they would have just asked me I would have cut the time down to about 10 minutes...maybe less depending how fast of a reader they were!

Me to stupid scientist:

"here, read this. Start in Genesis Chapter 1!"

....cause I'm 99% sure God didn't say "Let there be eggs...and there were eggs!"


scrapwordsmom said...

You are a hoot!!! Hope you are feeling better girlie.

Can't wait till you get your goods:)

Tamela said...

hahahaha saw that on your facebook status and about died laughing!!!

Stephanie said...

LOL!! Too bad they didn't come to you first!

Jenna said...

haha that's way too funny that it made headline news! Let there be eggs!

Jewls said...

To bad people so easily dismiss the bible!! I'm thinking about you, and praying for you that things work out with the job!!

Bridget said...

Yep, you could have saved them so much time and effort!! Have a great weekend!

Suburban Princess said...

I am thrilled this is the top news story! It means no soldiers died overseas that day. It means no children were murdered during a custody battle. It means there were no natural disasters that day. :O)

I always thought this was decided tho...existance preceeds essence...so the chicken came first.

Cathy said...

You got that right Trish!!

Angie said...


Carla R. said...

Amen! And we probably used millions of government $$$ to fund this!

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