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I hate Back to School!!!!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I hate back to school shopping...especially with a teenage boy in tow. Not that he is that picky but lets just say...clothes are not cheep!
I took Kyle to Raleigh Saturday to shop for jeans.....I would rather have been horse whipped! The day did not get off to a good start when we had already been in 5 stores and none of them had his size(either every teenage boy in North Carolina wears 29X34 jeans or it is a very abnormal size and no stores carry them.....I am leaning more toward the 2nd choice!) The poor salesman at Belk's tried to help us and asked what size we were looking for(he must have noticed the frustration on my face after digging through shelf after shelf of Red Camel jeans that were on sale for $15.99 a pair) When I told him what size I was looking for he gave me a puzzled look like "lady you can't be looking for that size" then about that time Kyle turned the corner and walked up and the sales guy loudly said "oh my gosh, look at the length of his leg bone!"...my poor Bubba is all leg I tell ya!
After leaving about the 4th store with no jeans in hand Kyle turns and says "Mom, you can just by me Wranglers from Walmart, really I don't mind" Bless his heart, I then told him I already tried that and they didn't have his size either.
It was then that an idea popped in my head to just chop his feet off at the ankles and then he could wear his 30X32's from last year!!!!...and that would save me more money by not having to buy new tennis shoes!
We finally scored big in American Eagle. They had a few pair of jeans in 30X34's (he will just have to wear a belt) a shirt and 2 pair of boxers and cost me $107.00! Then we headed to Hollister and got 2 more shirts for $34.00. For those of you who know me, you know how much I love to say money and shop the clearance racks...well that didn't happen that day but at least he won't have to start school naked.......or without his feet!


Bridget said...

Bahaha! I hate hard to find sizes. Thankfully my Kyle isn't hard to fit, but Michael is. Dang 32x34's....

WhisperingWriter said...

I love going school shopping with my kids! Maybe because I find little kid clothes adorable.

When they get older, not so much. Especially when the prices increase..:/

jules said...

Ah, I remember those school shopping days...I actually kind of miss it.

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