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I think I am in denial

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I'm pretty sure that's what it is.

Kyle starts High School next Wednesday and I am having a tuff time coming to grips with the whole thing. Not only that he will be starting HS but the fact that he is REALLY growing up and in 4 short years he will be gone out of the house completely..{{cue HUGE crocodile tears}}

I know once he starts HS that things are going to change even more around our house. He already goes out to the movies and water park with his friends and is gone for hours at a time on the weekends riding four wheelers with all his buddies. But this is going to be a whole new ballgame for us. Kyle has had it pretty easy in Middle school for the most part. Very little homework, not really having to study for test and no major stupid projects made out clay and other junk that I spend a fortune on that end up thrown in the corner of my attic to collect dust!

Kyle is a smart kid when it comes to school work and has always made A's & B's. He will blow your mind with the way he can memorize spelling words and vocab definitions in split second, so I am not real worried about that part(unless you count making him take time out of his world to sit down & do it). I am worried about the drugs, sex & alcohol part. The parties, the sneaking out and soon the ever dreaded learners permit...thus giving him access to get behind the wheel of a 1 ton machine with 4 wheels and an engine.....LORD BABY JESUS AND A MANGER!!!!!!

Don't get me wrong, he is a very good driver on the 4 wheeler...unless you count the time he didn't warn me about that low hanging tree branch and well...he ducked...I didn't...and well....you get the rest of the picture!

Kyle gets side tracked ALL THE TIME! One second he can be talking to you as we drive down the rode and then mid sentence he stops..."hey, look! A chicken!"...yea, you get my point. Kyle has always spend 99% of his life looking at where he has been instead of where he is going.

So say a little prayer for me....these next 4 years should be interesting!


Tara said...

I never believed or I guess understood when I heard adults talk about how fast time flies or how fast kids grow. I'm sure I secretly rolled my eyes and thought how tired I was of hearing that but now....oh my gosh, it is so true!

I worry about all that too and I still have a few years. Kyle seems to be pretty grounded with a good raising so here's to hoping it sticks with him.

BTW, don't sweat my birthday. Seriously, it wasn't a big deal. The big deal to me was when my 'BFF' messaged me on FB saying how she knew it was somebody's birthday when she looked at the calendar but she just didn't know whose. Now that hurt my feelings. I guess it just goes to show how much of a 'BFF' I am to her.

Tamela said...

Oh my! I read LORD BABY JESUS AND A MANGER!!!!!! and I said she is a southern girl and started cracking up!

I remember my first day of high school it was how crazy how old you felt, but as I get older I realize how young freshman seem to me!

I would be worrying about all the same things you are too. I will say a prayer for you! and Good luck!

Brooke said...

I wish you and Kyle the best of luck!

Mary said...

Wow high school already? I will definetly say a prayer for you! All I can say is to maybe try taking it one day at a time AND be thankful you don't have a girl to deal with. lol

Good luck to Kyle and you next week. You can do this mama :)

Jewls said...

It goes way to fast eh? I am going to cry the day Z starts kindergarten, I can't even imagine high school!

Cathy said...

Let me tell you it definitely flies fast. My little girl leaves for college next week! And I really have no idea when that happened. lol

Jenna said...

haha I wonder how many people almost wreck trying to figure out if that's a chicken in my front yard! I'm sure he'll be a safe driver, especially with all the practice he's hadon a 4-wheeler!

Angie said...

You poor thing!! I'm barely surviving the fact that mine is going to Junior high- I can't even imagine High school!?!?!

carlar said...

I know exactly what you are feeling...my son has his driver's permit and just started HS. This is why I color my hair! He wants to drive ALL the time. Now, the only thing that helps me is that I have been through this 4 other times. I have 2 older kids that are now in their mid twenties and two step sons that I had to teach. One of the step sons will turn 16 in September...that is when u panic! You send them out the door and then you can only pray!

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