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School Supply List

Monday, August 2, 2010

Friday night Chris & I ran to Walmart to pick up a few thinks after we dropped Kyle off at the movie with a bunch of friends. I don't know if the Walmart where you live does this but our local Walmart always has a cardboard stand at the entrance with copies of the school supply list for each school in the county. So, as we walked in I grabbed the list for the High School Kyle will be starting.

So, now with list in hand I began scanning the page to find that they have broken the list down to courses....what????...you know, like Civics ya need this junk and Algebra I ya need this list of crap, Agri-Science ya need this nonsense. I know this HS thing is all new to me but how the heck am I suppose to remember what Kyle signed up to take right after Christmas break last year???? .....was it Pre-Algebra or Algebra I...hmmmm????? I don't remember what I did 10 minutes ago!!!! What the school should have done was put a HUGE note on the list of classes Kyle signed up to take (which I had to sign and sent back to the school) that read MAKE A COPY OF THIS FORM BEFORE RETURNING CAUSE YOUR GONNA NEED IT!

*****let me stop here and say, I HATE SCHOOL SUPPLY LIST!!!!!*********

In the 9 years I have bought supplies for Kyle I have waisted SO much money on crap that was on the list that he never needed or used! And then some teachers are SO stinkin picky about EXACTLY what type of supplies you need to buy(if you can find them at all) folders (with or without pockets or tabs) or no mechanical pencils or blue ink versus black ink, one teacher wants loose leaf paper while 4 others want 3 subject spiral notebooks....oh, and then there is the one teacher that needs a 5 subject spiral notebook! An now this year there a 5 classes listed that he will need to buy a Flash Drive for....huh???? Why in the sam hill does he need a Flash Drive? What ever happened to using paper and a #2 pencil??

And then of course there is always the list to supply the school with items the county is too poor to supply like tissue, hand sanitizer, a roll of paper towels, zip lock bags and I have even had to buy a pack of plain white copy paper before! And as many times as Kyle has come home a told us over the years that there is never any toilet paper in the boys bathroom I think they should have added that to the list!!!!

At this point, I guess I am going to wait until orientation to find out Kyle's class schedule so I know what to buy...if there is anything left on the shelves!

I wonder if they use LL Bean lunch boxes in High School?......hmmmm.....maybe I better just buy a bunch of brown paper bags instead.


Tamela said...

ugh..I used to hate shopping for school supplies when I was younger. Took way to long and I am not looking forward to that when I have kids.

scrapwordsmom said...

Oh, Trish I feel your pain. Believe me!!! What made me soooo mad was when my kids were in Kindergarten and we bought them crayons and their markers and they were soooo excited. Then we took them to school and they just dumped them all in this big pile for EVERYONE to share. I was FURIOUS!!!!!!

My kids LOVE shopping for supplies. We finished it up last week. You should see Em...so cute. Takes like 5 hours to pick out 7 folders-LOL!

Becky said...

Oh yes...WAIT!

Tatum is SO different than the younger ones! High School is a different animal! Thoses subjects are Major different for supply lists. We don't shop for her till she comes home from the first day. She goes the first day with just a pencil and notebook. And then that evening we shop! Otherwise we do alot of frustration!

Now that Jake is starting Jr High...it will be that same with him...sigh.

Courses also get alot more expensive! Get prepared! I don't know if your schools are like ours...but the kids have always had a "school fee" it was like $35 a year for extra supplies. For Tatum on her Freshman year I about FELL over when her's was like $195! Lab fees and stuff you know! Public school!!! Wehew!

Cathy said...

Been there done that. Fortunately for me my girls love to buy school supplies, so I just take them and they take care of picking it out. I just make them stay within the budget. Even my youngest that hates school, loves buying school supplies.

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

umm...as a teacher, i'd best take my class list and run right now, huh!? :)

Anonymous said...

Luv it!!!!! Had to laugh at Sara's reply. Lol

Jules said...

Things sure have gotten complicated since my kids were in school. They had lists for us at the stores but they were pretty simple.

What's up with that?

Kristi said...

I haven't seen a school list in forever!! That does sound confusing. I dont think they had them in stores when I was in school. We always waiting until school started and then went shopping!

WhisperingWriter said...

I'm not a fan of school suppy lists either. Sometimes I have no idea what they mean when they specify certain things. Like a 3 inch eraser. Say what now?

Anonymous said...

Maybe now that Kyle is in high school he can shop for his own supplies and alleviate some of your frustrations??

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the real world...the previous years were just for fun...now it is serious. Remember when I said he would need that computer at home...this is where the flashdrive will come in handy. High School is HIGH TECH these days. :)
Sincerely your friend,

Carla R. said...

I hate school supply lists myself. I was furious when we had to buy two reams of copy paper for one of my kids. Seriously? I also hate paying towel fees, locker fees, blah blah.

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