~Being the Mother of a boy, last from son up...to son down~

Fall...are you coming????

Monday, August 30, 2010

I must admit I am SO a fall and cool weather girl. Don't get me wrong.....I love the beach, the water, waves, sun, the smell of coconut suntan lotion and feeling sand under my feet. Kyle was born in the summer, Chris & were married in the summer, but my heart belongs to Fall. I love my jeans and long sleeve shirts, scarfs and boots. I hate snow but I like it just cool enough for a sweater.

I get all giddy inside with the first hint of a brisk morning. The beginning signs of the changing color of the leaves. I love the smell of my Autumn Wreath scented Yankee candle burning in the kitchen on a Sunday afternoon. I love Harvest and Fall festivals, Halloween and Thanksgiving. I love baking homemade apple and pecan pies for Chris and pulling out all my orange, red and brown fall decor. I love seeing my front steps adorned with pumpkins Kyle has grown in his garden and how happy my Scarecrow looks to be out of the attic.

However, it is going to be a horrible 96 degrees here in North Carolina tomorrow with a major Cat 3 hurricane brewing in the Atlantic....so I guess I better push my Fall thoughts on the back burner for a few more weeks!

Hang tight Mr. Scarecrow I'll see ya in a few more weeks {pinkie promise!}

Dear Superindentent,

Thursday, August 26, 2010

I am writing this letter to voice my opinion on the public school bus transportation. When we arrived at "said high school" for orientation I asked what time the bus would pick up and drop of my child. I was told he would be picked up at 6:10am and be dropped off at 4:15pm.

I must admit I was a little taken back with the pick up and drop off times compared to the school hours of 7:40am-2:40pm but I decided not to make a stink and see if things would change after a few days......NO DICE!

So here is my stink!

If that bus pulls up out side my house again at 5:59am and honks that God forsakin horn I am gonna throw a hissy fit like you have never seen!!!!

And in case you are wondering...the 5:59am is not a type-o. Yes, my son gets on the bus 1 hour and 40 mins BEFORE school starts! I find this a tad CRAZY considering that I am 8 miles from the school. So my question is....is this the only bus the school has and it has to run the entire South side of the county????? I THINK NOT!

No lets address the return time shall we? LETS!

The shool bell rings at 2:40 to end the day. My son then boards the bus to find a seat to share with 2 other high school boys. They are pack 3 to a seat on the high school bus.

Yep, my son is crammed in a tiny seat with 2 other boys with a total of 3 book bags to spend an 1 hour and 35 mins stuck so close to together he can hear their hair grow!

Now I ask you, is this county so broke that they can not afford to run another bus to cut back on the time these kids have to spend on the bus and the over crowding? Because if thats the case, then I recommend yanking those 3 nice TV's my son told me where hanging in the lunch room so the kids could watch ESPN sports center and soaps while they eat, be sold to the highest bidder to raise money for gas to run another bus route!

Mom of a Non-early riser

Wordless Wednesday(almost)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Yes, this is Kyle and yes he is oh SO grounded....see what happens when kids post stupid stuff on Facebook....it will get you busted EVERY time!
oh and Chris didn't kill him and let him live to start his first day of high school this morning. But I swear 5:30 came mighty early this morning....ugh!!!


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I had huge intentions last night to down load Kyle's knee boarding pictures and our anniversary trip pics but it was taking FOREVER!!!! I am not sure if it was my computer or blogger but man was it slow...and I had a massive amount of ceramic tile to mop so I didn't have the time to wait.

So......this is all ya get for now...1 measly picture of Bubba on the board...oh well, I shall try again later.

...but at least my tile floors are so spotless you could eat off them!!! I just wouldn't recommend it after today...things get dirty quick around my house!

I think I am in denial

I'm pretty sure that's what it is.

Kyle starts High School next Wednesday and I am having a tuff time coming to grips with the whole thing. Not only that he will be starting HS but the fact that he is REALLY growing up and in 4 short years he will be gone out of the house completely..{{cue HUGE crocodile tears}}

I know once he starts HS that things are going to change even more around our house. He already goes out to the movies and water park with his friends and is gone for hours at a time on the weekends riding four wheelers with all his buddies. But this is going to be a whole new ballgame for us. Kyle has had it pretty easy in Middle school for the most part. Very little homework, not really having to study for test and no major stupid projects made out clay and other junk that I spend a fortune on that end up thrown in the corner of my attic to collect dust!

Kyle is a smart kid when it comes to school work and has always made A's & B's. He will blow your mind with the way he can memorize spelling words and vocab definitions in split second, so I am not real worried about that part(unless you count making him take time out of his world to sit down & do it). I am worried about the drugs, sex & alcohol part. The parties, the sneaking out and soon the ever dreaded learners permit...thus giving him access to get behind the wheel of a 1 ton machine with 4 wheels and an engine.....LORD BABY JESUS AND A MANGER!!!!!!

Don't get me wrong, he is a very good driver on the 4 wheeler...unless you count the time he didn't warn me about that low hanging tree branch and well...he ducked...I didn't...and well....you get the rest of the picture!

Kyle gets side tracked ALL THE TIME! One second he can be talking to you as we drive down the rode and then mid sentence he stops..."hey, look! A chicken!"...yea, you get my point. Kyle has always spend 99% of his life looking at where he has been instead of where he is going.

So say a little prayer for me....these next 4 years should be interesting!

5,475 days.....

Monday, August 16, 2010

Yep....5,475!!! That is how many days it takes to make 15 years.

Chris & I packed the suitcase(well, I did really) loaded the cooler(well, I did really) pushed Kyle out the door to annoy the GP's for a while(Chris pushed & I pulled)...and we headed down the interstate bound for Myrtle Beach to spend our 15 year anniversary in the place we met.

We had no reservations at all...Chris just decided we would drive until we found somewhere that looked nice. This would usually drive me insane(for those of you that know me can verify that I am a HUGE planner!!!) But I agreed...and we drove with no certain place in mind. We just knew we wanted it to be quiet, with a nice pool and not too crowded.

We found a nice family owned hotel right on the beach with a nice pool and the beach was almost empty!!!! We checked in and then headed out to find "our" stop light. For those of you that don't know the story behind our stop light you can click on the link above that says "Our Story" and here the entire thing from start to finish (it really is a neat story if I say so myself and one that I can not wait to share with my grandkids one day.....one day like 20 years from now!!!!)

We had a wonderful time. We lounged by the pool, drank wine, ate amazing food, played putt-putt and layed by the pool some more. We even got suckered into one of those time share tours .But hey, they gave us $100 bucks in cash and a trip voucher for 7day/7night stay...BIG SCORE!

Chris & I are not big on giving gifts to each other since all of our money goes in the same account and if we see something we want then we buy it but one thing we are big on is cards. So I got the sweetest card from him with a note inside that just melted my heart.

To some, 15 years may not seem like a long time but when I look at us and see how far we have come, the fact that I met him when I was 18, married him when I was 19. and had Kyle when I was 20 it seems like an eternity...and the fact that when I look at our wedding pictures and my dress is so out of style that it makes me laugh. It had the open back, long puffy sleeves that came to a point on my hand and a HUGE bow to show off my butt! No if that don't scream OUT OF DATE I don't know what does! But at the time, it was so IN STYLE that America's Next Top Model would have been jealous!

So here's to US.... And our next 15 years!!!!

(I did take a few pictures that I will post for you guys later)

15 seconds of fame

Monday, August 9, 2010

yep...I'm famous!!!

I went to New York City again this past weekend and apparently if you buy something from American Eagle they will take your pictures and post on their HUGE sign in Time Square...pretty cool huh??? Yep, I thought so too. And they even let you add a personal message.

So this was our picture...larger than life...with our North Carolina faces bright and cheery for all of New York to see.....you think we scared them???

And just how stinkin cool is that I am already sporting my "oh so cool" AE t-shirt.....who knows....maybe they will call me to be one of there new models for this falls clothing line.......

...hey a girl can dream....no????

School Supply List

Monday, August 2, 2010

Friday night Chris & I ran to Walmart to pick up a few thinks after we dropped Kyle off at the movie with a bunch of friends. I don't know if the Walmart where you live does this but our local Walmart always has a cardboard stand at the entrance with copies of the school supply list for each school in the county. So, as we walked in I grabbed the list for the High School Kyle will be starting.

So, now with list in hand I began scanning the page to find that they have broken the list down to courses....what????...you know, like Civics ya need this junk and Algebra I ya need this list of crap, Agri-Science ya need this nonsense. I know this HS thing is all new to me but how the heck am I suppose to remember what Kyle signed up to take right after Christmas break last year???? .....was it Pre-Algebra or Algebra I...hmmmm????? I don't remember what I did 10 minutes ago!!!! What the school should have done was put a HUGE note on the list of classes Kyle signed up to take (which I had to sign and sent back to the school) that read MAKE A COPY OF THIS FORM BEFORE RETURNING CAUSE YOUR GONNA NEED IT!

*****let me stop here and say, I HATE SCHOOL SUPPLY LIST!!!!!*********

In the 9 years I have bought supplies for Kyle I have waisted SO much money on crap that was on the list that he never needed or used! And then some teachers are SO stinkin picky about EXACTLY what type of supplies you need to buy(if you can find them at all) folders (with or without pockets or tabs) or no mechanical pencils or blue ink versus black ink, one teacher wants loose leaf paper while 4 others want 3 subject spiral notebooks....oh, and then there is the one teacher that needs a 5 subject spiral notebook! An now this year there a 5 classes listed that he will need to buy a Flash Drive for....huh???? Why in the sam hill does he need a Flash Drive? What ever happened to using paper and a #2 pencil??

And then of course there is always the list to supply the school with items the county is too poor to supply like tissue, hand sanitizer, a roll of paper towels, zip lock bags and I have even had to buy a pack of plain white copy paper before! And as many times as Kyle has come home a told us over the years that there is never any toilet paper in the boys bathroom I think they should have added that to the list!!!!

At this point, I guess I am going to wait until orientation to find out Kyle's class schedule so I know what to buy...if there is anything left on the shelves!

I wonder if they use LL Bean lunch boxes in High School?......hmmmm.....maybe I better just buy a bunch of brown paper bags instead.