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Monday, August 24, 2009

OMG!!!! I know I never use that stupid text short cut, but in this case it was needed to refrain me from using words far more worse and descriptive! TRUST ME! Kyle and I went to school orientation on Thursday night....Chris was working...lucky him...and since that time I have been pondering in my head the sights that I saw while walking the long locker filled hallways of the middle school.....middle school...keep that word in your mind as I finish this story!

Anyhoo, we started walking the hall with his schedule in hand looking for room numbers. Well, he was having to look for the room numbers because my eyes seemed to be bulging out of my head as I passed all these girls walking the hallways dressed in nearly nothing!!!!!!! You must be kidding me!!! These young 12-13 year old girls were wearing tight little see thru tops that you could see their cute little demi cup Victoria Secret bras through. I mean honestly, some of these girls has boobs as big as mine...and I am not too lacking in that department. The tops were accompanied by short little shorts or tight jeans that I am pretty sure had to be painted on and given time to dry before leaving the house!!!!! I was just dumb founded! I know my mouth was tragging the floor as we made it from room to room. It was not just one or two girls that were dressed like this but ALL OF THEM! I don't have a daughter so maybe I am just way off on this subject but if I did, I can assure that Chris would never let her leave the house in some of the outfits I saw that night. And I know girls mature faster at this age than boys do but Lord have mercy if those girls were mine I would have snactched them up by that pretty little head of hair and drug them back to the house to put some clothes on!!!!!

Kyle is just getting into girls but they only seem to last a week or two and then he is on to better things. I think they may get upset because he still has the "take em or leave em" mentality. Which I know will be changing soon but if I can prolong it I will. But as we walked the halls of school he seemed not even to notice the girls. Maybe it was just because "mom" was with him and I was cramping his style but if that is what it takes I have no problem walking with him to class everyday :O)

It is so hard to let him grow up. Well I guess "let" is not the correct word because it will happen weather I "let" it or not. All we can do as parents is pray that we have given them what they need to be leaders and not followers. But if I could just put a blindfold on him from 8-3 each day that would be great.....do you think that would be too embarrassing if he bumbed into lockers as he tried to make his way to class?????


Nikki Norris Mills said...

hahaa oh gosh! I know girls now are tough little cookies. I need to be thankful that at least for now, keith and I want have to worry about that! Boys will be much easier in that dept.

so now, can you imagine what its going to be like in 13 more years? HAHA Little Mallory is going to be causing some trouble for Patrick and Ashley :-)!!!

Tamela said...

I know what you mean! I can't believe what some parents are little their kids go out looking like. If it were my child she would be wearing a full body suit with duct tape! I saw a girl walk into arbys the other day with her butt cheeks hanging out the bottom of her shorts. I was like wtf!

E @ Scottsville said...

Oh don't you just LOVE it? I don't think they'll get to dress that way at school, but since it was just the "Meet The Teacher" night, I bet they were getting away with looking as 'hot' as possible. Ugggh.

Cam is only in 6th grade this year, so I didn't see any girls looking like that at his school. His ENTIRE Campus is ONLY 6th grade, so he's a bit more sheltered. Whew!

But he did come home yesterday talking about his first new friend. I was glad to hear it and then suddenly he said "She" and I was like "WHAT?" Cam ALWAYS makes friends with boys and then SECRETLY likes the girls. This time his first friend IS A GIRL and he's not denyin' it. WOW. Amazing what a difference a grade makes. None-the-less, I was glad he'd made a friend and wasn't ashamed to speak of her as "his first new friend". =0)

Best of luck to Kyle today!!!!

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