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Happy Birthday to my Heather!!!!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Today is my BFF's birthday...so......HAPPY BIRTHDAY HEATHER!!!!!!

We have been best friends since the first day of Junior High....not Middle School...which is what it is called now......does that give away my age......maybe not :O) It wasn't that long ago really?!? 5 or 6 year maybe?????

Well, more like 21 years!!! That's right folks this month will make 21 years that we have been best friends. There are few people in this world that know me better than she knows me. Which when you really think about is scary as crap!

We have been through so much together during those 21 years. And I am sure if I didn't have her by my side during some of those times I would have never been able to cope. Together we have survived Junior High, High School, first "real jobs", the death of a parent, the divorce of parents, marriage, step families and childbirth. She was with me the entire 28 hours I was in labor with Kyle. Except for the few hours she disappeared and then came back wearing a white Dr. coat....where they heck did she go anyway?????????

We have more inside jokes than you can ever imagine and wonderful memories that will last us a life time. She loves me in spite all my crazy and set ways and would be on the next plane out of Lexington if I needed her....I would just have to reimburse her for her luggage fee's when she got here!

So Happy Birthday Heather!!!! I love you dearly and thank you for always being my friend. I hope you have a wonderful day and even though I can't be with you to celebrate I will hold my own "cute little hula girl glass" high and say
cheers to YOU!


short southern momma said...

what a great friendship!! Me and my BFF has been "together" for 27 years...and we are only 29. My momma babysat her and we have been BFF's since. Hope she has a wonderful b-day!!

Tamela said...

Happy Birthday Heather!! My bff and I have been bff's since 7th grade!

Anonymous said...

Thanks! That was so sweet! Love you bunches! I had a great bday and I would still be celebrating if I were younger and could hang! Gosh I am getting old!! Thanks for my cute bag, love it.
Love you,

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