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Progress...what progress????

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Well, the results are in.

Kyle brought home his midterms yesterday and has a BIG fat 68.7% in Spanish!

He totally bombed one test and a quiz(which the teacher noted she is going to let him retake after school)...Mucho Gracious Senora!

On a better note, in his other 3 classes he made 1 A(Engineering) & 2 B's(World History & Algebra)!!!

That redneck country boy just can't speak a lick of Spanish bless his heart!


T said...

I've been out of high school for too many years so I'm not up-to-date on requirements and grades. Doesn't he only need a 70 to pass the class? And if he's going to LCC then he wouldn't need Spanish...is that right?

In college, Dwight's graduation was dependent on Spanish but in college you had to have a C to pass. He made a C and graduated by the skin of his teeth!

Trish said...

yep, he needs a 70% to pass the class. So thank God it is just a mid-term and he has 4 more weeks to bring it up to a 70%. And I am hoping he will do much better on the two test retakes.

Mary said...

Spanish is tough! I stuggled with it in high school too. I always hated when we'd walk in on the first day and the teacher just started spitting out spanish like we can understand.

Hey want to know what my cousin did to get out of a foreign language in high school? She took sign language! She got her language credits and said it was easy. Ha I don't think a lot of school offer that though.

Good luck to Kyle in espanol :)

Cathy said...

We let my oldest drop Spanish because she was doing so bad. Then the next 2 years she took French and did awesome! I had always heard Spanish was the easiest and I took it for 3 years and did ok. So who knows?

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Yep, Spanish is tough! Only what, 7 months to go!?

Tamela said...

I hated spanish in high school. Took two years of it and I still can't speak it!

Bridget said...

Sorry he's struggling with Spanish, and he can definitely bring that up on the retakes. Glad his other classes are going well!

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