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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Oh the stories I could tell you.... but then I may have to kill you and since I don't want to live the rest of my wonderful life out in prison, I will just tell you the "not so incriminating stories and details"

I met me BFF, Heather {{hey Heather!}}back in 7th grade during the first few days of Junior High(yes, back then it was Jr. High and not Middle School). From the moment we met I think we formed a bond that would never be broken and of course the past 20 years of our friendship have proved that to be true. Together, we could pull off anything....late night parties, dates, ballgames, driving and boys. Not to mention we could rock a leggins and long sweater outfit like it was no bodies business! We practically lived at each others houses so much we even called each others parents Mom & Dad!

Most people think that BFF's must have so much in common and have the same likes and dislikes but for us, we are TOTAL opposites! When my mom would go Christmas shopping for me she would take Heather and if Heather didn't like then it was perfect for me!

When 9th grade began we were torn apart to attend different High Schools. I thought the world as I knew it was going to end. How could I be without her? But our friendship did not end. Despite different high schools, we still spent all of our free time together.

Then one day in May, during my 10th grade year, my world was changed forever with one ring of the door bell. My Dad had been killed in a car wreck and would never be coming back. Alot of things were a blur to me after that moment. But she was there, along with her Mom, who brought enough boxes of Kleenex that I think my mom just opened that last box last week!

After that day, the downfalls did not end. Our friendship has faced several things over the years. Her parents divorced and remarried, my mom remarried, both of us got married, I moved away, I had a child and she got divorced.

But no matter what, we have always been there for each other. She flew all the way from Kentucky to be with me when my son was born. She stayed at the hospital for 28 hours while I screamed, pushed, yelled and even cussed some. She was by my side the entire time(except for a few hours when she disappeared and came back wearing a white Dr.'s coat...hmmm...I'm still unsure with all the details due to the med's I was on but she said she was just cold!)

We have enough inside jokes to fill a book. Ya know, the kind of things that only the two of us would laugh at and laugh so hard we almost pee!! She knows things about me that no one else will ever know. She is the most giving and caring person. She always thinks of others before herself and helps keep me in line and on track when I get a tad crazy.

Even though we have been over 600 miles apart for over 15 years, I still talk to her everyday(thank God for an awesome cell phone plan!) and some times several times a day. The hubs thinks it is strange and a little creepy that we live in different states and for the most part I can tell you where she is and what she is doing almost to the hour! It's truly like we live in the same town...except we never get to meet up for lunch and drinks!

Heather doesn't have a blog but she does read mine so every one make sure and say hello to her!
{{everybody waves to my Heather}}

And let me say.....Heather, I love you girl! You have always kept me in line, made me stop and re consider the good in people, made me laugh, held me when I cried and said "oh that's gross" when I pooped while pushing during labor (I guess I can take all the blame as to why you don't have any children!). You have kept my secrets, cheered at my success and only laughed for a few minutes when I thought I was gonna drowned in 2 foot of water! I love you despite your love of sushi, yucky beer, huge straw hats that make you look like a tourist and your liquid shade(SPF 3000) and fried chicken livers! And I have forgiven you for forgetting my birthday not only once but TWO years in a row!!!!(we now do a birthday count down to prevent future mishaps!)

So here's to US girl!!!! And our next 20 years of friendship. May they be as fun as the first 20 and if not, then we can hope for "old timer's" to set in early so we can be "new friends" all over again!


Bridget said...

I think it's so neat that you have a super friend like that!!

That One Mom said...

How awesome! I love hearing about lifetime friendships...

Tara said...

You are VERY blessed! Good friends are hard to find!! I must admit to being a bit jealous...can't say

Tara said...

(ughhh computer, I wasn't done with my comment!)

....I have been so lucky!

Brie said...

Awe, sounds like she goes to great lengths to be there for you!

Andrea (ace1028) said...

How great. What a fun tribute to your BFF! I know mine that long and there are most certainly stories that need to remain *tucked away for some other day!* Thanks for sharing and for entering!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

You are very lucky...she sounds wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Brought tears --- I am soooooo glad the two of you have not only remained friends but have gone even beyond that. I love you Birthday dearly!! Mom

adrienzgirl said...

I loved the part you wrote about the hubs thinking it's a little creepy that you know where she is even though you live so far apart. Girlfriends are the best. This was a very touching tribute.

*waves to Heather*

Buffee said...

Wow, what a great lifelong friendship! It's amazing to me when you find lifelong BFF's like this. My BFF growing up was a guy and my sisters. So hearing stories like these about women are really cool to me!

Thanks so much for participating!


Chelle said...

Your post made me tear up! Your Heather sounds like an amazing BFF. It's reading posts like this that makes me so happy to be a woman and experience phenomenal friendships.


Tammy said...

I loved reading this...and that opposites can be best friends. You have a very special friendship...and Hi Heather! :)

Daffy said...

My favorite part is mentioning the old timers setting in and becoming new friends all over again. HIIIII Heather!

So excited that you entered!

Shell said...

Love these types of friendships- going through everything together and all the inside jokes!

scrapwordsmom said...

Hi, Heather!!!!!! What a wonderful friendship you share, Trish. Thank you for sharing it here. I enjoyed every word:)

SurferWife said...

Ok, first off. I am almsot a little freaked out becasue:

My BFF (well there are two of them) always tell everyone we have been BFFs since the decond day of 7th grade. In JR. HIGH. Not middle school.

They went to a different high school in 9th grade also.

My father passed (when I was a little older, 19, but same idea)

And it sounds like we are about the same age because we have been besties for 21 years.

Cue twilight zone music for parallel lives.

Thanks for participating.

Jenna said...

(waving at heather)
Aw that's so sweet! But I think I have the Worlds Best Bff! haha!

We've been best friends since the 7th grade too! We are exactly alike though..and we live just 90 miles apart... but we are exactly alike...we look alike too..and our Birthdays are only a day apart!

Bonnie and Clyde are doing good...still stealing Dog food.. It's a war between dog and chicken at my house. So far the chickens are winning. Have a great long weekend!

HunDuddle Hussy said...

WAIT!!! i wanna be ur friend now!!!

just came by to say...
thanks for stopping by on my sits day, a day that i needed just a WEEEE bit of extra love :) ur awesome!!!!

WhisperingWriter said...

What a nice post.

She sounds like a wonderful friend!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

You are a WINNER of ORNAMENTS...

Congratulations. Send me your information to annah99@aol.com


Kaypt said...

What a wonderful story about your BFF. Everyone should have a friend like that. I came here due to Teresa's recommendation and will put you on my list.

The Blue Zoo said...

Aw, thats awesome that you guys have been friends for SO long!

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