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Redneck Spanish 101

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hola me amigos!

We are still fighting the redneck Spanish battle in our house. Kyle made a 21 on his first Spanish test! No joke! As in 21% out of 100%!!!!

This redneck taking boy needs major help!

Sunday afternoon I was back hanging out in the laundry room(ya know, just hanging out with all the dirty draws!) and I walked back through the living room and found Kyle just sitting on the couch with the most awful dazed look on his face. And you will never believe what he was watching! The Spanish speaking Soap channel!!! It was like Days of Our Lives, only with Spanish speaking people!!!!

And with that, this conversation then took place.

Me "Kyle what are you watching?"

Kyle " The Spanish speaking channel. The teacher said if we surround ourselves with it, we will learn it alot faster."

Me "oh, well what are they sayin?"

Kyle "I don't know, but he sounds very mad!"

(the man was yelling and fussing at a women and another man...you ladies have watched Soaps before...you know what I'm talking about....OH THE DRAMA!)

Later that night, I go in his room to get his phone and tell him it time for bed (yes, we take his phone away at 10pm on school nights and it's put on the charger in the kitchen) and he is laying on his bed with his radio next to him listening to the Spanish music channel!!!!

And then this conversation happens.

Me "oh, you still trying to surround your self with Spanish hoping it will soak in huh?"

Kyle "yep"

Me "how that working out for ya so far?"

Kyle " I don't think it's working,"

Me "why?"

Kyle " cause all I smell is Mexican food!"

At that point all I can do is laugh! That poor, poor boy! All he thinks about is food!

(and no, there was no Mexican food cooking in the house)


Tamela said...

hahahah oh how funny. Maybe if you take him to a Mexican restaurant and he has to order his food in Spanish it might help!

Tara said...

Hey at least he's trying!! Maybe next time he'll improve that 21 to at least a 23!

Cathy said...

Well make that kid a Taco and maybe it'll help! lol

PEA said...

Hi Trish:-) I just wanted to come over and congratulate you on being one of Teresa's winners on her Christmas ornament giveaway!! That is too funny about Kyle saying all he could smell was Mexican food while trying to learn Spanish! hehe

Sandra said...

But maybe there should be! The more Mexican ambiance the better!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

He has the right attitude though! What a cute story!

scrapwordsmom said...

Oh, Kyle!!!!! Too, too funny. I can just see his face...we have a wonderful Mexican place here to eat and they always have those soaps on...too funny:)

WhisperingWriter said...


I can't really blame him for doing bad in Spanish. I wouldnt' do well either. I took French and I was at a loss half the time.

Kristin said...

You won my business card giveaway! Pls email me at kristinsodaro@yahoo.com thanks :)

Jenna said...

lol that's hilarious!! I love mexican food..when I lived in houston we used to go eat at "hole in the wall" origional mexican food because it's the best! They always had on Mexican soap operas..so funny!

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