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Shopping Palooza....

Monday, November 29, 2010

shew...ya'll tired? I am!!!!

I survived the masses and shopped for 24 straight hours on Black Friday(and no that is not a type-o.) I SHOPPED ON BLACK FRIDAY FOR STRAIGHT 24 HOURS!!!!!! We left my house at 11:45 pm on Thanksgiving night and pulled back in my driveway at 11:20 Friday night...and let me tell you......

....IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!..........

I got so many great deals and only have a few more things to pick up for Chris & Kyle and I am done....I even spent all day Saturday wrapping!!!!

The crowds were not that bad( I have seen them worse) the longest we waited in line was at Hollister. And I had to wait in line for over an hour at Walmart to get one thing on Kyle's list...but I was the 3rd person in the line to get it when the clock struck 5am!

I also got some great deals at Kirkland's, Old Navy & Gap.

Now, I have to spend this week putting up all my Christmas decorations cause I am heading back to New York this weekend for some time with the girls! We even have tickets to see the Rockette's Christmas Show at Radio City Music Hall......SO excited to see that!!!!!

Hope you all got some great BF deals...let me know what you got!!!!


Drew's Mom said...

24 hours?? Wow... I am truly impressed! Lol Glad to hear you got everything you were looking for. You've got some lucky men in your life! After5 hours of shopping I was DONE.. exhausted!

T said...

Glad you got your BF shopping fix and some good deals! I thought about you as I was rolling out of bed at 8:15am. We made it out of the house at 9:45am. That's my kind of BF shopping!

Reading about that NY trip makes me :-( Happy for you but sad for me. Oh well, maybe next year.

Bridget said...

You are a BF Supah Shopper!!! Hope you have a great time in New York!

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