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The moment my heart stopped....

Monday, November 29, 2010

....was when I saw this picture.

That is Kyle, my one and only child, my Bubba, my baby boy, my heart outside my body.... He is the person on the left with the air tank on his back entering this burning house.
****key HUGE ball of vomit in my throat, while my heart falls into my big toe*****

His Daddy said Kyle made 4 good "runs" through the house and did and excellent job. Even better than some of the grown men that have been on the FD for years.

Kyle has dreamed of this day since he was 4 years old, when his Daddy joined our local Volunteer Fire Dept. Since Kyle was 4 he has sat and sulked every Wednesday night as Chris would leave to attend the weekly fire meeting. Kyle could not wait til the day he turned 14 and could take his test to become a Jr. Fireman (note****he aced his test***)

Kyle loves fire, I think I have shared that with all of you before. He lives, eats & breaths the Fire Dept. Kyle has ADD & ADHD but Chris said when he enters a burning house it's like the hyperactivity melts away. He said Kyle is so calm and relaxed and has never even paniced.(they have guys that are paid Fireman in real life that have freaked out before during training and Kyle just goes on in with the hose and puts the fire out)
This is the group picture. Kyle is in the top row far left. Chris is top row far right.

Kyle getting ready to mask up and go in.

Kyle & another Jr. Fireman getting some time with the hose

Kyle is the blue shirt.

Another group pic. Kyle is in the front row with the blue shirt.
I am so proud of how Kyle has choosen to serve his community but it will still make my heart stop everytime I know he goes in a house fire.....and if anything happens to him I'm gonna kill his Daddy!!!! :O)


Mary said...

Wow! Oh you poor mama :( That's awesome he is doing that but so scary!

Drew's Mom said...

You are officially the BRAVEST mother EVER (ok, along with the mothers of all the other fireman out there)!! There's no way in the world I'd allow my one and only baby boy anywhere near a fire.

And you must also be the proudest mother! I think it's great that Kyle wants to be a part of the fire department and that he's doing so well at it. Congrats Kyle! and good luck!

Ashley said...

Oh my...you are so brave to be able to handle Kyle doing this. And yet so proud at the same time. We need people who are willing to do these things. Kyle is a special boy!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! I would be freaked too! But I'm so proud of him! That is a very noble thing he's doing!

Kari said...

My husband is a firefighter and our oldest son (17) wants to follow in his footsteps. I guess I've gotten used to my husband being in those situations but when I think about my son doing it, it terrifies me! I know you are very proud of your guys!

Tamela said...

Wow, what an amazing thing for Kyle to want to do! I understand on being terrified. That has to be scary, but what a wonderful thing your son is doing. Gave me chills reading it! Way to go Kyle!

Bridget said...

What an amazing thing he wants to do!! Although that doesn't make it any easier on the Moms...

Carla R. said...

What a neat thing to have Jr. Firefighters. I showed my hubby, the fireman, and he was impressed. His son is currently taking classes to become a firefighter. I am proud of your son. Sounds he will make a great firefighter.

Angie said...

Oh my goodness- I started to well up a little over this post. What an AMAZING young man you have!!! But at the same time I can only imagine the pit in your stomach. Some day in the not so distant future, I'M going to have to experience this same thing- not necessarily fire fighting but letting go and letting them make their own choices. Very Scary.

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