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Tag Your it.................

Thursday, September 30, 2010

I was tagged in this cute little game by Mary @ The Englar Family.(check out her button on my side bar to pop in a tell he hey!)

She is just the craftiest little thing you have EVER seen and it's just amazes me the treasures she can whip up out of a ball of yarn!

Anyhoo, back to the game she tagged me in.

Here are the questions she asked me.....

What is your favorite movie?

That's a tuff one. I have SO many that I love. Coal Miner's Daughter, Hope Floats, While You Were Sleeping, 8 Seconds, Sweet Home Alabama, The Proposal...do you see a Sandra Bullock theme here?????

If you had one day all to yourself and could do whatever you wanted, what would you do?

Easy......SHOP!!!! Or lay on the beach.

What kind of vehicle do you drive?

2008 Ford Explorer

What is your favorite food?

Ice Cream...is that really a food???

What are you most thankful for in your life?

My boys!

Why do you blog?

I have wondered that myself many times. I really don't know. I started so my family that lives away could stay updated and see pictures of Kyle and hear his funny stories. But now sometimes I feel at a loss for what to write and have even thought about stopping all together. I don't know, we shall see what the future holds.

What was your favorite childhood toy?

I would have to say stuffed animals. I had tons of them. I loved all of them, no matter what kind or where they where from. My Dad even had to build several shelves in my room to hold them all.

What is something you get really excited for that other may think is really weird?

Black Friday shopping!!!! I love it so much I can hardly sleep Thanksgiving night...I plot, I plan I clip coupons, scan sales flyer's...it madness I tell ya!!!!!

Well that's all my answers. Maybe you learned something about me that you where just itching to know.

Progress...what progress????

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Well, the results are in.

Kyle brought home his midterms yesterday and has a BIG fat 68.7% in Spanish!

He totally bombed one test and a quiz(which the teacher noted she is going to let him retake after school)...Mucho Gracious Senora!

On a better note, in his other 3 classes he made 1 A(Engineering) & 2 B's(World History & Algebra)!!!

That redneck country boy just can't speak a lick of Spanish bless his heart!


Monday, September 27, 2010

and yes I am yelling that and I hope they heard me all the way over to Kyle's High School!!!!

{{sticking out tough and gives a big fat rasberry too}}

Let me start at the beginning and give you the entire story from the start. This afternoon, well right now actually, Kyle has a Dr. appt. Chris is off today so he was going to pick Kyle up early from school and take him to the appt. so I wouldn't have to leave work to do it(thanks babe!)

Anyway, this morning I gave him the run down on everything.

Appointment time-CHECK
Things to ask the Dr.-CHECK
Make sure they put the diagnosis on the perscription-CHECK
Flexable spending card to pay-CHECK

I thought I had covered everything, or so I thought! Chris asked me if I needed to send a note to school that Kyle would be leaving early for a Dr. appt. I said 'no" and didn't think anything else about until I got a call from Chris about 30 mins ago.

Chris "hey, do have an appt card that you can fax to the school?"

Me "no, I made the appt over the phone,

Chris " cause they won't let me have Kyle until they have something in writing to verify the appt."


At that point, I could feel my face getting hot and my blood pressure rising. You mean to tell me that I can't get MY child out of school early without an appointment card! I carried that boy for 9 monthes...I went through 28 hours of labor.....THAT IS MY CHILD and I don't care if you need a note from the Pope, you better give me my kid!

I swear it's a dag gone good thing his Daddy is more patient than me and was the one picking him today cause this Momma would be locked up behind bars right now for skipping my pretty tail down that hall and yanking MY child out of Spanish class!

another conversation with Kyle

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Yes friends it is that time again when I tickle your funny bone with the antics of the teenager in my house...better known to me as Bubba.

This morning I went in to wake Bubba up for school(yes, I know he is 14 and should be fully capable of getting him self up and ready for school in the morning... but shush it..mkay!) Let me enjoy seeing his peacefully sleeping face for the few remaining years he will live at home and don't stomp on my heart...thanks! I love going to wake him in the mornings I always try and see how much I can aggravate him by playing with his lip or tickling his feet or rubbing his back before he wakes up.

Kyle has been known to say weird things when he first wakes up, which are normally a sign of what he happens to be dreaming about the moment you call him out of "La-La" land....and most the time involve some type of food or eating...but this morning was different.

Me: "cmon Kyle, time to get up"

Kyle (with his eyes still shut) "hold on a second, I'm playing darts."


well folks...that's a new one!

Quick update

Friday, September 17, 2010

I haven't done a post in a few days...been busy busy busy!!!!

Just wanted to send you guys a quick hello cause I am getting off work early today and heading out with some friends to meet Nicholas Sparks.....{{gasp}}

I know you are oh so jealous!!!!

I will tell him all of you lovely ladies said hello (for those of you who don't have a clue who he is...SHAME ON YOU!)

I will post pictures later for you to drool over.......

P.S. oh and I will be a mere 35 years old tomorrow and meeting Nicholas is part of my present from my girlfriends.......YAY ME!

What makes you laugh?

Monday, September 13, 2010

What makes you laugh? What is it that gives you a chuckle, what tickles your funny bone or makes you give in to the deep down belly laugh. What is it that makes tears roll down your cheeks and cross your legs and squat to keep from peeing all over your self?

I asked my self this same question and came up with these answers.

Seeing Kyle laugh. He has a very contagious laugh and when you see him smile or laugh you just can't help it!

The comics. Chris doesn't have the same sense of humor Kyle & I have. I can burst out laughing over a comic in Sundays paper. Chris can read the same comic and then just gives me "the stare"......he is SO missing a funny bone!

When Kyle talks for animals. He has done this since he could utter words himself. It always cracks me up! I swear he talks for Chevy(his Chocolate Lab) and its one of those "cross your leg and squat moments".

The old Game Stop commercial with the rabbit. If you haven't seen it you really need to Google it...it is worth it! It even made Chris laugh!

The World's Dumbest Criminals....love that show...nuff said!

Inside jokes with friends. Sometimes all we have to do is look at each other and we crack up.

So what makes you laugh????

Redneck Spanish 101

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hola me amigos!

We are still fighting the redneck Spanish battle in our house. Kyle made a 21 on his first Spanish test! No joke! As in 21% out of 100%!!!!

This redneck taking boy needs major help!

Sunday afternoon I was back hanging out in the laundry room(ya know, just hanging out with all the dirty draws!) and I walked back through the living room and found Kyle just sitting on the couch with the most awful dazed look on his face. And you will never believe what he was watching! The Spanish speaking Soap channel!!! It was like Days of Our Lives, only with Spanish speaking people!!!!

And with that, this conversation then took place.

Me "Kyle what are you watching?"

Kyle " The Spanish speaking channel. The teacher said if we surround ourselves with it, we will learn it alot faster."

Me "oh, well what are they sayin?"

Kyle "I don't know, but he sounds very mad!"

(the man was yelling and fussing at a women and another man...you ladies have watched Soaps before...you know what I'm talking about....OH THE DRAMA!)

Later that night, I go in his room to get his phone and tell him it time for bed (yes, we take his phone away at 10pm on school nights and it's put on the charger in the kitchen) and he is laying on his bed with his radio next to him listening to the Spanish music channel!!!!

And then this conversation happens.

Me "oh, you still trying to surround your self with Spanish hoping it will soak in huh?"

Kyle "yep"

Me "how that working out for ya so far?"

Kyle " I don't think it's working,"

Me "why?"

Kyle " cause all I smell is Mexican food!"

At that point all I can do is laugh! That poor, poor boy! All he thinks about is food!

(and no, there was no Mexican food cooking in the house)

Yes...I have the worlds BEST BFF!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Oh the stories I could tell you.... but then I may have to kill you and since I don't want to live the rest of my wonderful life out in prison, I will just tell you the "not so incriminating stories and details"

I met me BFF, Heather {{hey Heather!}}back in 7th grade during the first few days of Junior High(yes, back then it was Jr. High and not Middle School). From the moment we met I think we formed a bond that would never be broken and of course the past 20 years of our friendship have proved that to be true. Together, we could pull off anything....late night parties, dates, ballgames, driving and boys. Not to mention we could rock a leggins and long sweater outfit like it was no bodies business! We practically lived at each others houses so much we even called each others parents Mom & Dad!

Most people think that BFF's must have so much in common and have the same likes and dislikes but for us, we are TOTAL opposites! When my mom would go Christmas shopping for me she would take Heather and if Heather didn't like then it was perfect for me!

When 9th grade began we were torn apart to attend different High Schools. I thought the world as I knew it was going to end. How could I be without her? But our friendship did not end. Despite different high schools, we still spent all of our free time together.

Then one day in May, during my 10th grade year, my world was changed forever with one ring of the door bell. My Dad had been killed in a car wreck and would never be coming back. Alot of things were a blur to me after that moment. But she was there, along with her Mom, who brought enough boxes of Kleenex that I think my mom just opened that last box last week!

After that day, the downfalls did not end. Our friendship has faced several things over the years. Her parents divorced and remarried, my mom remarried, both of us got married, I moved away, I had a child and she got divorced.

But no matter what, we have always been there for each other. She flew all the way from Kentucky to be with me when my son was born. She stayed at the hospital for 28 hours while I screamed, pushed, yelled and even cussed some. She was by my side the entire time(except for a few hours when she disappeared and came back wearing a white Dr.'s coat...hmmm...I'm still unsure with all the details due to the med's I was on but she said she was just cold!)

We have enough inside jokes to fill a book. Ya know, the kind of things that only the two of us would laugh at and laugh so hard we almost pee!! She knows things about me that no one else will ever know. She is the most giving and caring person. She always thinks of others before herself and helps keep me in line and on track when I get a tad crazy.

Even though we have been over 600 miles apart for over 15 years, I still talk to her everyday(thank God for an awesome cell phone plan!) and some times several times a day. The hubs thinks it is strange and a little creepy that we live in different states and for the most part I can tell you where she is and what she is doing almost to the hour! It's truly like we live in the same town...except we never get to meet up for lunch and drinks!

Heather doesn't have a blog but she does read mine so every one make sure and say hello to her!
{{everybody waves to my Heather}}

And let me say.....Heather, I love you girl! You have always kept me in line, made me stop and re consider the good in people, made me laugh, held me when I cried and said "oh that's gross" when I pooped while pushing during labor (I guess I can take all the blame as to why you don't have any children!). You have kept my secrets, cheered at my success and only laughed for a few minutes when I thought I was gonna drowned in 2 foot of water! I love you despite your love of sushi, yucky beer, huge straw hats that make you look like a tourist and your liquid shade(SPF 3000) and fried chicken livers! And I have forgiven you for forgetting my birthday not only once but TWO years in a row!!!!(we now do a birthday count down to prevent future mishaps!)

So here's to US girl!!!! And our next 20 years of friendship. May they be as fun as the first 20 and if not, then we can hope for "old timer's" to set in early so we can be "new friends" all over again!

Redneck boy + Spanish class = MESS

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

oh dear me! I don't even know where to begin....as you know Kyle started High last week and well, everything has been going well......except his Spanish class.

For kicks & giggles lets just say that Kyle is the BIGGEST redneck you will ever meet. The way he thinks, the way he acts and most definitely the way he speaks! When we went for orientation and I met his Spanish teacher I informed her the task standing before her (if it works) would be her greatest acheivement...yep....if she can teach my redneck talkin son to speak Spanish, she deserves Teacher of The Year! (cause that boy is still working on speaking correct English!)

Kyle stil uses the word "weren't" ALL THE TIME! ex. "Momma, that weren't even funny!" and..."I promise, I weren't doing nuttin."

I swear we have family and friends who just love to sit a listen to Kyle talk...no kidding!

yep....he talk exactly like that. I know I am no grammer expert and I don't claim to be, but the hubs and I do not speak like that AT ALL! I really don't know where he gets it from. I guess it is our fault as parents because over the years we have never made a huge deal out of correcting him when he does use the wrong grammer. It's just Kyle, that is just they way he is...take it or leave it...he could really care less.

Here are a few of Kyle's favorite words or phrases:

"aw junk!"
"that's beast!"
he leaves the "g" off of every word in the English language(doin, eatin, listin, talkin, ridin......and so on)
"thats a bunch of mess"

So, this semester should be interesting to say the least. If he passes with a "C" I will be the proud Momma of one Spanish speaking Redneck!!!!