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Busy Weekend!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Boy what a busy weekend....Friday night started out with the arrival of 3 huge boxes of candles that arrived for our youth group fundraiser for church....Chris was shocked, he tought I had done some MAJOR online shopping! Well, there was one small Hollister box :O)

So anyway, I spent my entire Friday night consumed by the aroma of 20 different smells of candles...UGH! After I sorted thru all 139 of them I am sure my kitchen looked like the Yankee Candle factory.

Saturday I spent the morning painting my friend Ashley's baby nursery with pink polka-dots. I must say it turned out really cute and I think she is pleased with the results. Her blog is http://www.heathbunch.blogspot.com/ if you want to check out my work.

Kyle and I then made our way back to Lenoir County via Kyle's "Mom turn here I know a short cut!" Well, I'm sure you can guess how that turned out. There is not a road left on the South side of the county that we did not travel down. However, Kyle did get us home. He is a whiz when it comes to a photographic memory. If he can see it one time he remembers it! It amazes Chris and I every day....well, except for brushing his teeth! He kept telling me, "Trust me Mom, me & Daddy been down these roads tons of times, WAIT, STOP turn here!" I think we past that same cow about 5 times!

Then we went to pick strawberries with my friend Marsha and her kids. And I think they ate just as much as they picked. After some much needed homemade strawberry icecream to cool us down it was back to my house so I could show Marsha how to make homemade preserves. Which I hope they turned out right due the choas of 4 kids running wild around my "not child proof home". Don't get me wrong, they are the cutest boys you have ever laid eyes on...as long as they don't move :O) It the span of less than 1 hour they managed to bounce a ball down the stair case breaking two of my glass candle sticks & break two of my thirsty stone coasters ( I didn't know that was possible)....maybe I should write the company....anyway where was I. Oh, the kids....the older two kids, my Kyle & her oldest Courtney tried to corral the younger two boys upstairs in the bonus room so we could finish up the preserves and clean up the broken glass. During that time the pizza man comes and Kyle's chocolate lab Chevy decided he was going to give the pizza man a stand off in the driveway. Most people tend to think that labs are very nice dogs and can be approaced by anyone.....well not Chevy! He has had run in's with our brick mason, the pizza man and even my friend Ashley (he backed her all the back into her truck while big sister watched with pride from the garage at her training in action). We always joke that he learned his bad attitude from his big sister (our 14 yr old Chow, Daquiri).

Boy what a weekend!!!!!! Kyle has now decided he loves being an only child and I thank God that we stopped with him!

Until next time~

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Anonymous said...

Kinda makes me feel like I'm there. But, why did you wait so long to take up this new-found habit of yours. Hope you keep it up, 'Your ole Ky Home is far away'. It's nice to know that Chevy has taken the helm of action at protecting the family, just make sure he remembers - - Mimi and Papaw are family, no bite!!

Luv ya, Mom

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