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Kyle's Quiz

Thursday, April 30, 2009

With Mother's Day fast approaching I came up with a little quiz to give Kyle. Just to see just how well he knows his Momma. It was so funny to watch him ponder each question while shoving a ham & cheese hotpocket down his throat! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.... Each answer will be typed exactly as Kyle responded.

1. Where was Momma born? Kyle's answer, "Louisville, KY" Mom's reaction, "Do I look like Cardinal fan!" I will give him 1/2 pt for getting Ky correct. But I bleed Wildcat BLUE!

2. What is Momma's whole name? Kyle's answer, "Patricia Lynn Owens" 1pt

3. What was Momma's last name before I married Daddy? Kyle's answer, "Osborne" 1 pt...we are on a roll folks.

4. How tall is Momma? Kyle says, "I don't know, how tall is Daddy and I'll go from there" 0 pts

5. How old is Momma? Kylw says, "33" 1 pt

6. What makes Momma happy? Kyles answer, "Me" as he gets that cute little grin on his face. I will give him 1 pt anyway :O)

7. What is your favorite food Momma makes? Kyle's answer "Chicken & the white sauce"....aka Chicken Alfredo. 1 pt

8. How many brothers & sisters does Momma have? Kyle's answer, "1 brother Uncle Scotty" Mom says, "Is that all?" Kyle then ponders and says, " I would like to use a life line and call Mimi."......where does he come up with this stuff! I will give him 1pt due to living so far away from my extremly large step family. In Kyle's mind there is Uncle Scotty, Other Mimi (aka Melissa Sue), Uncle Jason, and Cody's Mom (aka Renee). Sorry to all the rest of the KY clan but in Kyle's world you are just somebodys Mom!

9. What makes Momma mad? Kyle's says,"Farting in the kitchen!" BINGO! 1pt (I should give him 1 more pt for extra credit on my pet peeve!"

10. What does Momma do for a living? Kyle says," Work as a Credit Manager at JJ Hianes & clean & cook & a bunch of things." Mom says" AMEN!" 1 pt

11. What job would Momma be good at? Kyles amswer, "riding a horse" I am not sure where this answer came from but I will give him 1 pt since I do know how to ride a horse.

12. What is Momma's favorite food? Kyle's answer, "ice cream" Mom's says "Yep, I love my ice cream...YUMMY!" 1pt

13. What is Momma's favorite thing to do? Kyle says, "Go to the beach" 1pt

14. What is Momma's favorite movie? Kyle's answer, "Coal Miner's Daugther".....boy to I have asmart kid or what....1pt

15. What is Momma's favorite song? Kyle's answer, "I don't know, maybe the song from Coal Miners Daughter?" Well, I'll give him 1/2 pt for that since I do love Loretta Lynn. But really it is "How Great Thou Art"

So there you have it folks. Straight from Kyle, his thoughts on Momma. With a total 13 points!!!! Not to bad for a twelve year old.

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Jen said...

i love it! i might have to try this with the girls. but i'm a little scared of what their answers might be :)

Trish said...

I know. I was a little scared myself. You never know what is gonna come out of Kyle's mouth...he is too much like me!

Anonymous said...

Yea for Kyle - - he knows his Mom pretty well. But, excuse me.... LOUISVILLE!? What was he thinking? Cute game, I should have played that with you? hehehhe

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