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Kyle's mind & Other weekend crazies.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Did anyone every stop a wonder how a childs mind works? I know a child developes certain brain functions at certain milestones. But how does all that determine how or "why?" a child thinks along the lines they do? Is it an inherited gene or God given????? Some children may have a vivid imagination, photographic memory or may be mathmaticly gifted....our son on the other hand has always been one to over analyze things. For instance when he was 5yrs old he saw an open saftey pen lying on a step and asked me what is was called. When I told him it was called a saftey pen he responded with, "well that's not very safe!" Kyle's crazy antics have not stopped since. Just this weekend we sat outside on the porch and we watched as a spider became wedged in a large crack, Kyle then makes the comment..."he must not have 4 wheel drive!"...I mean honestly folks what 12yr old comes up with stuff like that????
No matter what kind of day I may have had or how bad I feel, Bubba can always make me laugh!

Oh, Only 26 more days of school left!!!!!!! Yes, I am one of the few parents who can not wait for their child to be out of school. I think I am just as excited as Kyle! No more homework, projects, packing lunches(school lunches YUCKY), no AR(accelerated reader...More YUCKY) and early bedtime...not to mention the dragging by the toes every morning to get him out of bed! The count down continues.

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