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Hotdogs anyone??????

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What a GREAT, relaxing, much needed, long weekend!!!! The Owens house did a bunch of NOTHING! We lounged by the pool, went to a friends cook out and then last night Kyle decided he was going to be in charge of dinner. For a 12 year old boy he loves to cook things(as long as they are quick so he doesn't get bored or side tracked :O))Having ADHD if it doesn't happen quick for Kyle then.....ZOOM.....he's gone! His Nana says he is like a worm in hot ashes....I myself think of him more along the lines of a bouncey ball.

Anyway, being the little pyromanic that he is, the fire was enough to keep his attention and get supper done. He did a great job and they tasted amazing....what a difference a charcoal burn makes on a hotdog....YUMMY!

I hope you guys enjoy the pictures of him cooking and the one of him and Chevy taking a break. Poor Chevy, I think he goes through life being one big pillow for Kyle.....but he sure does love that boy!

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Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Your pictures are everything that is the US and Memorial Day, isn't it?! FIres, boys, fun, doggies.. you had it all!

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