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Happy Hump Day!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Happy Wednesday to all of you....the weekend will not get here soon enough!!!!

Just a few quick comments......

First off, prayers go up for Kevein Lanning. Get well soon!

2nd thing, Happy late birthday to my Granny B!!!!!! It was yesterday and I forgot to post it.

3rd thing...I have the best son in the world! With the bad storms and tornados we had yesterday...he took the task upon himself (since he was home alone afterschool)to bring in all the things on our front porch "so they won't blow away". He neatly spread out a blanket...in our diningroom by the way, and placed all four wicker chairs, two ferns and two HUGE white pillars! THANKS BUBBA!

okay, have any of you ever seen a 4D ultrasound? Well my friend Ashley is pregnant and had one yesterday.....let me just say....AMAZING!!!! I wish they would have had that when I was pregnant with Kyle. It looked like you could just reach in and pick her up.....WOW!!!

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Design it Chic said...

Hi Trish! Coming here from DesignItChic via SITS...ooo how we all have SITS connection everywhere..i always dreamed in high school to be the girl who has all those scandalous connections with the people in charge up high..never been one tough.. but now with the SITS seems like we're all linked:D ha!!!..
*oo i babble to much*
point being: you have a wonderful family, and your Kyle sounds a lot like my little brother *always 'baking' something* so i bet you never get bored with him around:D

Have a happy Thursday and I'll stop by every now and then!:)

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