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Morning Conversation

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A normal weekday morning at the Owens house consits of Kyle sitting on the edge of the tub reading his current edition of ATV World magazine***I am really rethinking this birthday present, which was a yearly subscription to the mag and MY idea....which by the way I thought was a WONDERFUL idea at the time...since that time Chris has asked "Who's bright idea it was to get a 12 yr old a subscription to a 4 wheeler mag???" HE NEVER PUTS IT DOWN!!!!! AND I MEAN NEVER!!!!!

Every morning it the same thing......as I am putting on my make-up and doing my hair Kyle sits and looks at all the tires, rims, exhaust, helmets, gloves, gear and so on...stoping every 3 seconds to say "Mom look at this...and Mom these are the tires I need with these rims in black and a new HMF exhaust...which by the way only cost about $450 for a set of 4. And whole time I am wondering when my son learned to speak in a forgein language!!! It all Greek to me...

This particular morning as I was finishing up my hair he was of course in his normal pose( on edge of the tub mag in face, legs crossed) when I asked him to hand me my small hand held mirror so I can check the back of my hair. I get the following voice response from somwhere behind the pages of the lastest, greatest, coolest, newest, fastest, most redneck 4 wheeler.....

Kyle says, "Why do need the mirror,? I thought you had eyes in the back of your head"


Don't you just love his dry sense of humor????

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