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Kyle's Yummy Dreams

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I say, "Come on Kyle it's time to wake up."

Kyle says still half asleep, "ugh, I was just getting ready to go in and eat!"
I say, "do what???"

Kyle says, "You always come and wake me up when I am getting ready to go eat. I was just on my way into El Norteno." (our Mexican rest. here in Kinston)

You have to be kidding me!!! All that boy thinks about is food...even when he is sleeping!!!!!

And to add to that, when I went in to wake him up for school one day last week I got this response from him.

"Man, why did you have to wake me up I just on my way to Bojangles?"

I say, "well how did you get there?"

Kyle said, "on the 4 wheeler"

I say, "it a good thing I woke up then cause you would have been grounded!"

I really think I am going to have to apply for food stamps soon!!!!!

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