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From the mouth of babes

Thursday, May 14, 2009

I feel so compelled to share this story with all of my readers. Last night Chris brought home two T-shirts, one for him and one for our 12 year old son Kyle. The shirts were made in memory of a fallen volunteer firefighter who was on the fire dept. with Chris, Adam Howard who was killed back in September. Since Kyle was a tiny toddler he has been fascinated with being a fireman(sorry Daddy & Papa I don't think we have another "Future Trooper")anyway, the shirt had a picture of Adam's helmet and his car# on the left side along with an imprint that said John 15:13. Kyle was very excited to say the least. Then Chris asked him if he new what the verse John 15:13 said. Without missing a beat Kyle began to resite the verse word for word......"Greater love hath no man than this, to lay down his life for his friend." I was in awe....out of the mouth of my son came the sweetest words I have ever heard. Chris and I were both so touched and proud....and for that one second everything in the house stopped.

There are moments in life when you think you are raising a wild animal,then come moments like this..... when you realize you are making a difference.

I thank God everyday that he has blessed me with a wonderful son who will not depart from him~

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dan and jen said...

awesome! you should be proud!!!

Anonymous said...

Teresa said:
We all know that Kyle has alot of things going on in his head that keeps him so busy all the time but he also has Christ in his heart and that's what matters the most. Kyle has wonderful parents that sets a Godly example for him. I love your blog, keep writing. Love you!

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