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Old pictures of our snow day!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I know these are from the first of March but since I have started this blog I feel I have so much catching up to do. Kyle stayed home by himself both days during the snow since Chris and I still had to work :O( Thank goodness they were already out for teacher work days so they didn't have to do make up days.

All the local kids had a blast playing in the snow...not to mention Chevy enjoyed it too! I myself never care to see the white stuff. The only thing I enjoy about the snow is making snow cream...YUMMY!

I know in the pictures it doesn't look like alot of snow but to these kids it seemed like 10 feet!. They slid down the hill on sleds, toy box lids (Kyle's brilliant idea) and even an old car hood turned upside down...welcome to snow in the South!

Well, I just thought I would share these with you guys. I'm sure by mid July when we have the sweltering heat we will look back at them and wish for more.....

Until next time.......

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