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Monday, April 20, 2009

Well, I have finally come to the conclusion that pollen is the one thing God should have never created....I'm not sure what day God made it, but I'm pretty sure it could have been left out! I know everything was created for a reason and a purpose, I just never knew the purpose would cause my eyes to itch soooooooo BAD! I don't think it is normal for the white's of your eyes to swell?????
Chris and I started our Saturday by working in the yard and cleaning off both porches....what a chore! Well,Chris actually battled the ever present Kudzu which he is convinced grows a foot every second while I cleaned the porches! I tell ya, muscels I didn't even know I had hurt this morning! Kyle on the other hand laid low at Nana's house filling his belly with all the food she had in stock (we are beginning to think he is a cow since they have multiple stomaches.) Honestly, we have no idea where all that food goes!!! Nana & Papa took him to CiCi's pizza over the weekend and he actually ate more pizza than his Papa!!! (he should get some kind of thropy for that) I think his Papa was amazed to watch so many slices of pizza be hidden away in those long skinny legs of his. Anyway, enough about our son and his food fetish...... I will just have to apply for food stamps by the time he turns 13!

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