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Friday, April 17, 2009

Well after years of all my friends and family being so patient...I have entered the blogging world! For those of you who now us I know what you are thinking.....Watch out world, here come the Clampett's!!!! Lord knows how many times everyone has complained to us that we need to get with the times get a computer and get on the WWW! Well, we are starting that adventure one step at a time. We still don't have a home computer or the internet so bare with us....this may be a slow process!!!
I have enjoyed several of my friends blogs over the years and enjoyed watching their children grow and veiwing many mile stones on their blog....I must say I am fasinated! I wish they would have had this when I lived states away from my family and Kyle was so young. What a great way it would have been for his Mimi & Nana to see our little ball of choas daily in pictures.....oh well!
Please be patient as I give this a try. I will try and post pictures and all the happenings in our lives so you can visit when you like for a few laughs......Kyle will provide those without hesitation!
May God bless each of you!!!
Happy Blogging!!!!


pm40391 said...

Yea!!! I'm so glad! As you can see, I am your first subscriber. Now we have to work on that home computer thing.....?!

Gotta get back to work. Luv ya,

Ashley said...

I am excited you have started blogging!! I definitely will be a follower :)

Bryan said...

About time! Great pictures. You need to get on facebook next. Miss you guys!

Teresa said...

hey mom its me we need to get a computer so i can get a myspace. haha. uncle B said u need a facebook or a myspace. its not that bad

Teresa said...

The above comment was your son's comment and he was very excited to see it. Nana is proud of you for thinking outside the box. Ha Ha. Great pictures.

Melissa said...

The pics are great! I will follow up on you guys. Morgan is tall as I am now!! Can you believe how fast they grow?

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