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April Fools on ME!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

I think the people at McDonald's decided to make me a part of their April Fool's joke this morning. I stopped off to get an oh so yummy Mocha this morning and when I went to take the first sip, the Mocha spilled all over me, the seat and the console.....and it was HOT! And When I say spilled, I mean spilled! I just assumed the lid was not pushed down tight, so I pulled off and grabbed up all the napkins I had stashed in the glove box and went to cleaning up the mess...and ME!

Once I took my hand sanitizer and napkin "bird bath" I went to take another sip before pulling back out onto the highway.....and dagnabit.....it did it AGAIN! It poured out ALL over me!!! At this point I want to flip down the mirror to see if I have a huge hole in my lip that I may have not have noticed this morning...nope, no hole...so what gives!!!!

So, I decide to take off the lid and assess the situation. There it was.......a huge hunk had been ripped away from the top of my cup then lined up oh so perfectly with the part on the lid where the coffee comes out......VERY interesting!

Coincidence???? I think not!


Garrett and Meagan said...

aw i'm so sorry! That is wrong!!!

Jules said...

Are you kidding? That isn't even funny!

Tara said...

Gosh! Hope you were not burned. Sounds like a lawsuit to me *wink* I hope the rest of your day was better.

Thanks for your sweet comment today!!

Cop Mama said...

What a bummer! I sure hope it was just by accident...hum?

Jenna said...

AW that sucks! What mean people! I think the people at my sonic poke holes in my straws on purpose! I've had that problem a million times.

Bridget said...

Well girl, you got me beat. Our McD's just forgets to put the carmel flavored syrup in mine all the time and I drive away with a cup of frothy stong coffee...ick

Kristi said...

I would have been so mad! Especially the second time!

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