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Thursday, April 22, 2010

have you ever thought about it? Pondered it? Named your child a certain name just because of the meaning?

Nope not me! I picked Kyles name because I liked the way it sounded ....well, really I picked Kyle but then we could come up with a middle name we liked that went with Kyle, so we bumped Kyle to the middle and then Chris picked out the first name Christian to go with it.

.....so Christian Kyle was chosen....

....whatdaya think?
......I love the way it sounds(however as Kyle got older it took a lot of convincing to get him to understand that his real name was Christian!)

But this post is not really about given names, but about nicknames. If you have been a loyal reader or follower of my blog you now by know that my crazy son has a nickname.....do you remember what it is?????hmmmmmmm??????

It's Bubba
That's right ....ya know, like the big ole' red neck boy that lives on a farm down the dirt road kinda Bubba!

To be be honest I don't know how it came to be, but I have called him Bubba since the day he was born. After a few weeks of me calling him bubba it began to stick and soon the hubs started to call him that too....then his grandparents...then, when I put him in an in home daycare, that lady began to call him bubba too.

Now it is just a habit, and one that I am trying hard to get away from(since he will be starting high school in the fall) and it's not going to be too cool for your mom to call you bubba, which by the way I have been known to yell loudly from the bleachers at any given ballgame! (watch that ball bubba, hustle up bubba, get a hit now bubba...and sometimes I have even heard mothers of some of the other boys on the team cheer loudly for him and call him bubba too)

But you know what the funniest part of all this is????? When you call him by his nickname....he will answer you every time!

So, did you give your child a nickname? Was it a planned name or just happened? Did you have a nickname as a child?


Jenna said...

Bubba! I don't think of the fat redneck down the road when I hear bubba, I think of "brother." Both my aunts called my dad (who is younger than them) Bubba instead of Brother, growing up and my cousins call him that too! I don't really have a nick name--other than Jen or JL (my initials)

Nikki said...

Too funny! My given name is Krystal Nicole(yes, Krystal like the little hamburgers), but my daddy started calling me Nikki when I was born. I've been Nikki to everyone ever since. Speaking of Bubbas, my 2 year old daughter calls her teenage brother Bubba. He loves it!

Blessed Beyond said...

Nicknames stick with us for ever! That's for sure!

I was goign to send back to you here, to know you read it. Yes Bret Michaels did sing a bunch of old stuff! And we plan to see him this summer when he tours with Skynyrd! All it isn't often I find to many that say they love Loretta Lynn, but I will say when we did get to go see her, the crowd had a lot more young folks in it! It was really awesome! If you get a chance, I'd recommend either one of them! Have a great day!

Oh and yes, the girls have nicknames. Lil E was because her daddy's favorite racer was Dale Jr and he was called Lil E back in the day. And so that is how we started with the Lil E, and Elissa said Alyssa, was just something I have called her all along and so it stuck and others called her that too, her name is actually Elizabeth MaLynn. Then Kaylee name is Kaylee Daytona Ann, and we did Dana for short. But I do tend to just call her Kaylee more than a nickname.
Hugs and Blessings,

Mary said...

I like Bubba as a nickname! It seems like boys get better ones. You don't even want to know what my hubby called his brother as a kid. Well actually her still does!

Hailey's nickname is Monkey. Yes it sounds mean but she is just a little monkey! :) We also call her by her first and middle name together, Hailey Belle.

As far as my nickname as a kid, it was Piper or Piper Doo. My parents were deciding between Mary and Piper. i was also called by my first and middle name and I still am today by my mom's family! Mary Jane

Great post! :)

Bridget said...

Love this post! My ex-husband and I named our Kyle because it was the only name in a 20,001 Baby Name book that we could agree on. His middle name was a family name that was non-negotiable from the start.

My kyle has many nicknames...The Kyleclone (for all the destruction he causes), Kyle E Coyote (my ex-mother-in-law called him this) but the name that has really stuck that we are also trying to get away from (in public at least, he says it's fine for home)is Kylebug and now K-bug because he was cute as a bug when he was little.

My nickname is Bri

Tara said...

I use little names for Andrew but nothing that would be used exclusively as a nickname.

Me on the other hand - growing up my cousins couldn't say Tara so they called me Toe-Toe! I still get called Toe-Toe by that family when I see them.

Jules said...

I got both my children's names from a soap opera! That's crazy to me now.

I have called my son "bear" from the time he was little and I still do.

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

We have nicknames for the boys. Funny thing is Elijah's name. We thought for sure we would call him Eli, but after he was born, he did not seem like an Eli, so he has always been Elijah!
Asher? He has a ton of nicknames too! I'll have to tell you sometime!
oh, and are you on FB? Email me girl!

Kristi said...

We decided on Baileys name the same weekend we got pregnant and didnt even know it yet. There was something I liked about "B" names with Brouse. We didnt know her middle name until we were at the hospital...and we decided we would see what she looked more like. It was between Shae or Jade. We call her BB a lot or Bshae...bc her middle name is Shae.

My maiden name is Eskew. My parents have always had license plates that said SQ 1 and SQ2 for our last name. Once I started driving and my friends always saw the license plate they started calling me SQ. There are still several people to this day that call me SQ even though it isnt my last name. I always thought itw as funny because you always think of guys being called by their last name. My sisters friends even called her SQ in highschool and have continuted to still.

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