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Thursday, April 22, 2010

thank goodness it is Thursday and the weekend is almost here. I really don't have anything major to post today. We have stayed pretty busy on the ball field and I am trying to pull together the last minute detail on the Kyles Spring Social. for next Friday night.......we still lack one red tie ( i hope to knock that out this weekend)

If you remember, the break down on the prices for the social we could have spent around $250.00 (with tux rental & getting a stretch Hummer) but here is the run down so far.

New Black suit $30.00
Tickets $16.00
Wrist corsage $10.00
Shoes $0 (gonna wear his dads)
Pictures $0 (gonna take them myself at a near by park before the dance)
Dinner @ $20.00 (the kids want to go the local pizza joint here in town)
Ride $0 (one of the grandmothers is letting them use her white Escalade)

This $76.00 total is much better...no?!?

Stay tuned for pictures. I can't wait to see my bubba all decked out & lookin sharp in his suit.

Well thats all for now, SO ready for 5 o'clock to come cause Mr. Fisherman comes back home tonight!!!!!! Little does he know I have tons of yard work planned for the weekend...hehehe!


Heather @ Sugar N Spice Mostly Nice said...

I can't wait to see the pictures! I'm sure he is going to be one very handsome man.

Some kid has a VERY NICE Grandma btw!!

Becky said...

Man...I don't even want to do a breakdown on tatum's dances. I would cry.

But good deal Mom! You have got it ALL worked out :)

(Nope~still haven't recieved any emails...maybe i should put in an order and add a note telling her who I am??)

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

wow! That could get costly! I can't wait to see the pics!

Tamela said...

I can't wait to see the pictures of him all spiffy! What great savings!

Jewls said...

Way to be thrifty!!

Bridget said...

Can't wait for pictures!

Blessed Beyond said...

Can't wait to see pictures!!! You did awesome on cutting the cost!

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